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1956 - Egypt: Cease Fire - Eden Orders Move In Egypt Invasion, Nov56

Reel Number: 221601-62

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1956

Country: Egypt,England,Israel,United Kingdom

Location: Gaza Strip,Haifa,London,Sinai Desert,Suez Canal

TC Begins: 11:57:50

TC Ends: 11:59:24

Duration: 00:01:34

1956 - Egypt: Cease Fire - Eden Orders Move In Egypt Invasion, Nov56 11:57:55 Israeli vehicles across Sinai desert; trucks w/ troops waving. Troops walking; searching bullet-marked houses in Gaza Strip. 11:58:13 Captured Egyptian destroyer on Mediterranean sea towed to Haifa. Sailors on board. 11:58:22 Anthony Eden speaking SOF: “We stepped in because the United Nations couldn’t do so in time. If the United Nations will take over this police action we shall welcome, indeed we prefer that course for them. And police action means not only to end the fighting now, but also to bring a lasting peace to an area where for ten years has lived, or tried to live, under the constant threat of war. Until the United Nations force is there, ready to take over, we & the French must go on w/ the job, until the job is done.” 11:59:11 General Assembly of United Nations w/ filled gallery. Canadian delegate at podium; CU of Egyptian delegate talking to ??. Suez Crisis; Fighting; Nov56; 1956; Anthony Eden; Military Diplomacy;

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