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1956 - Suez Diplomatic Meeting (?)

Reel Number: 221680-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1956

Country: England,France,United Kingdom

Location: Suez Related

TC Begins: 18:42:47

TC Ends: 18:43:55

Duration: 00:01:08

1956 - Suez Diplomatic Meeting (?) Limousines pull up & Anthony Eden & Selwyn Lloyd (?) & other VIPs out, greeted, past photographers & into building. 18:43:20 Interior w/ reporters & photographers; Diplomatic VIPs around table posing. Stand up & walk out of room. 18:43:50 LS Large courtyard w/ cars waiting. A few people leaving. Musketeer Planning (?); Diplomacy; France - England (?); Colonialism; ca May56 (?); NOTE: need location information; may be pre-Suez meeting of European leaders.

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