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League at Work, The R2 of 2 (League of Nations)

Reel Number: 220588-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1937

Country: England ? SingaporeUNITED KINGDOM,Switzerland

Location: Geneva

TC Begins: 15:38:40

TC Ends: 15:50:44

Duration: 00:12:04

League at Work, The R2 of 2 (League of Nations) Note: sync lags by several seconds. Three men walk down marble stairs in League of Nations building. Good. Mr de Hallah ? speaks re the mandate system, guardianship & trusteeship. Globe & maps. Montage brief shots mandated areas: Tropical forest / tea picking / rice picking. 15:39:41 Ext. & Interior League of Nations in session 15:39:58 Thanassis Aghnides on disarmament policies. Montage WWI military action & casualties. 15:40:43 1932 & Arthur Henderson opens World Disarmament Conference. MCU League Year Books which give details of world’s armaments & trade in arms. Montage shots factories / docks loading. 15:41:40 Avenol SOF to camera. 15:41:57 Economic section, man along corridor. Meeting in small room. Economic Intelligence service - Mr Alexander Loveday speaks. 15:42:36 Montage: financial districts, Wall Street, NY Stock Exchange. Statistical year book 1935 /1936. 15:43:16 Communications & transit. CU steam train wheels turning; LS harbor & ships, MS tugboats; traffic on divided highway; lightship; MCU passport; small airport. GOOD. 15:44:10 Int. Social Section - female VO. Poor children playing on cobbled stone slum street, England (?). Ext. CUs prison. Run down street, hotel sign, other streets - commentary on League’s work to abolish brothels & prostitution. 15:45;14 Junks in harbor. Campaign against dangerous drugs / narcotics, opium. Meeting of three men & one woman re drugs. Old Scotland yard ? Photos, evidence of heroin / hashish & other drugs. Smuggling. 15:46:19 Intellectual co-operation. Montage: painting / carving / film making. Boys in classroom. CU Radio broadcasting, CU dials. 15:46:57 Health. Int. Geneva HQ. Singapore harbor, bureau w/ doctor & report re contagious diseases. Ship captain receives radio report at sea. 15:47:30 Meeting re nutrition, w/ Lord Astor speaking. Boy carried up steps on stretcher / brief shot hospital ward. Laboratory. Rio de Janeiro harbor (photo?); China street scene from above (too brief to use). 15:48:15 Avenol to camera introduces Anthony Eden. 15:48:44 Eden SOF, of the League & its future. Sums up purpose of League, "...we have a consistent principle of action for peace." The End. Horror of War (WWI); International Organization; Diplomats; Diplomatic Support; Documentary; Educational Film; NOTE: Good shots of HQ building thru out reel.

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