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Report From Britain Pt 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221532-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1951

Country: England,United Kingdom

Location: London,Scotland

TC Begins: 12:41:38

TC Ends: 12:51:58

Duration: 00:10:20

Report From Britain Pt 1 of 2 Montage: Rainy night London street w/ traffic, lights, neon signs. Piccadily Circus. 12:42:04 Mister Roberts theater production, cast bowing, curtain drops. 12:42:18 Backstage w/ actor, Jackie Cooper & actress - wife, Hildy Parks; he takes off make up & talks about seeing Britain. 12:43:08 Trafalager Square street scene w/ Coopers in sports car sight-seeing. 12:43:32 Policeman / Bobby giving tourists directions. Large buildings, buses. 12:43:47 Tenement houses; Tower of London; Horseguard w/ Coopers & boy petting horse. Walking along sidewalks. Front of American Embassy (?) w/ flag. On South Bank looking at Big Ben & Parliament. 12:45:00 Ext of Parliament, people watching arrivals. Int. (stage) Chancellor Hugh Gaitskill speaking: “The Governments of the United States & the United Kingdom have agreed to the suspension of Marshall Aid...from 01Jan51. Her majesty’s government desires to express...thanks...to regain her economic independence & power.” 12:46:23 Stock shots (brief). Anthony Eden (stage): “Their generosity couldn’t have been more freely given or more warmly appreciated... 12:46:59 Coopers looking across Thames River. 12:47:10 Street scenes, pedestrians, traffic, sidewalks subway entrance,window shopping. GOOD shots. 12:47:49 Ext. hardware store w/ sidewalk displayed goods, shoppers, fruit market. Housing construction, bricklaying. Excavation of damaged blocks. 12:48:31 POV from water of shipyards w/ cranes; placing stack on ship, men watching. Views from crane; docked ships. 12:48:52 Cooper adjusting tie in front of mirror. “Three years ago the British people were in a spot...” 12:49:25 High angle Bank of England. CU ledger book & recording checks, banking, counting money. MS Bank of England; low angle. 12:49:42 Jaguar sports car past parked sedans & parking on Grosvenor Square. Out & shakes hands w/ LaMarr King, ECA administrative officer for UK & into Embassy. Int. of office: King SOF describing ECA role. 12:50:38 Industrial cooling towers, underground coal miner, equipment working. GOOD. 12:50:58 Power generating plant from across river. Large dam construction, hydroelectric lines, Scotland. Int. steel mill manufacturing. Construction of new steel mill in Wales. 12:51:40 Workers leaving large factory. Overhead shot of crowded market, grain harvesting, combines. Continued... 1940s; 1950s; Post-WWII Rebuilding; Reconstruction; Aid; Economic Support; Marshall Plan NOTE: both parts (entire film) sold at rate of one reel.

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