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1921 - USA Newsreel: International News 1921, #82 (animated turning globe title)

Reel Number: 220873-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1921

Country: France,Germany,Russia,USA,USSR

Location: Coblenz,Gloucester,Indiana,Kasan,Massachusetts,Paris,Russia,Terre Haute

TC Begins: 04:59:09

TC Ends: 05:13:44

Duration: 00:14:35

International News ca October, 1921, #82 (animated turning globe title) 04:59:13 MANSION TURNED INTO FINE HOME FOR BOYS Pan over crowd outside at dedication under the Terre Haute, Indiana chapter of Knights of Columbus. Orphanage / juvenile delinquent detention center?. Catholic Rev. Francis T. Jansen celebrates mass; & the Right Rev. Joseph Chartrand speaks. Indiana State Deputy Joseph M. Nurre w/ baseball given him by Babe Ruth. 05:00:58 FOLKS YOU READ ABOUT IN THE DAILY NEWS, Washington, DC Elihu Root; Sec. of State Charles Evans Hughes; & Senators Henry Cabot Lodge & Oscar W. Underwood w/ photographers. (1921 Washington Naval Conference held Nov21 - Mar22) "Pres. & Mrs. Harding meet two thousand postmasters" on White House lawn, she shakes fist. Two old timers from Gopher Prairie. 05:02:09 Sir Harry Lauder visits Sing Sing prison; walking w/ VIPs. CU w/ pipe & rotten teeth (no GV of Sing Sing). 05:02:39 Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard William J. Simmons appears before a Congressional Committee around large table. MCU talking (some nitrate decomp). White dog out of mailbox, back in. 05:03:24 World Series Champions, New York Giants baseball team poses. Manager John McGraw. CU. 05:03:52 Mayor John F. Hylan unveils a bust of Columbus at a honorary celebration. 05:04:20 US entry in the Halifax race, schooner "Elsie" & Capt. Marty Welch sailing off Gloucester, Massachusetts after winning US competition. W/ full sails underway GOOD scenic shots. 05:05:25 GREAT FAMINE IN SOVIET RUSSIA Photographed by: Capt. Ariel Varges. Kasan, Volga People w/ bundles down Volga riverbank; others carry crates & goods (supplies?) up from boat. Wagons w/ goods past. Women, children & old men on riverbank. Bundled woman & child, others sitting on ground. Starving leaning on post. Refugees in front of tent & round fire at camp. Girls in rags. Starving kids. Crowd fight w/ soldier for food handout. American Relief Administration supplies unloaded from train car; food distribution; children get soup from outdoor stove; others eat at table & observed by relief experts Dr. Vernon Lyman Kellogg & Elmer Burland. 05:11:08 General Pershing lays a Congressional Medal of Honor on the Poilu's (French soldier) grave at the Arc de Triomphe, CU; American soldiers march thru Paris in tribute to Unknown Soldier. At Coblenz, Germany, Gen. Pershing meets Allied Commanders on the Rhine; American forces pass in review. 1920s Newsreel; Post-WWI; Post-WW1;

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