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Jazz Age, The R2 Pt. 2 of 2

Reel Number: 250002-38

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1955,1920s

Country: USA

Location: New York City,NYC

TC Begins: 04:15:45

TC Ends: 04:27:46

Duration: 00:12:01

Continued... Pt. 2 of 2 Crowd toward camera, men buying tickets. Boxing w/ Dempsey & Tunney. Applauding ringside. Tennis & Bill Tilden. Crowds in stadiums. Bobby Jones golfing. Indianapolis race track & cars. 04:16:39 President Coolidge throws out baseball for Washington. Crowds. Babe Ruth at bat, home run & cheering. 04:17:00 Montage: Cheering crowd, marching band, Notre Dame football game, MCU of ??; playing in mud. Knute Rockne valentine in stand w/ cards, CU Rockne watching. Other football games. 04:17:59 Montage: Political convention w/ Pres. Hoover (CU) at the 1928 Republican convention & Al Smith at the Democratic Convention & campaigning thru crowds in open car; Hoover on railroad car; Hoover sound truck GOOD. Election Night Times Square, Hoover wins on electric sign & fireworks. Stock market effect. 04:19:44 New York Stock Exchange floor. CU clock 10 o’clock; opening bell, floor activity. GOOD 04:20:32 Montage: Ext. Office building, CU sign: A.R. Blair & Co Importers on door, man reading New York Stock Exchange quotes; CU George R. McCall & Company Stocks & Bonds, interior of broker’s office w/ ticker-tape & board, men watching, on telephones, taking orders, CU telegraph key, trading floor, lights on boards, buy orders taken, men reading tapes, fireworks. 04:22:33 Montage: Limousines on NYC street; chauffeurs; Rolls Royce hood ornament, furs, jewelry, growing stack of money, bills & coins, cash register, shopping, night of Times Square, electric signs & marquees, night clubs, wealthy society; stage show w/ chorus girls on trapezes. CU sign: Villa Vallee, interior w/ orchestra & dancers & Rudy Vallee playing saxophone. CU champagne cork popped, poured, Black musicians, wealthy watching dancer in front of band in clown costumes. Tap dancer dancing, montage of bands etc. Silhouetted dancers; feet of Black dancers, CU horns. Stock market effect. 04:25:26 Montage: stock exchange floor, crowded floor activity, man in office, writing Sell orders, board, floor activity slowing, hands pulling ticker-tape, CU bidders/buyers on floor. Man sweeping floor littered w/ slips & tape. 04:27:39 End credits. 1920s; Economics; Politics; Sports; Montages; Celebrities; Entertainers; Entertaining; Night Life; stereotypes; 1929; NOTE: Any continuous ten minutes of both parts sold at per reel rate. USER responsible for clearing all music.

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