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Know Your Enemy - Japan (1945) R5 of 6

Reel Number: 221199-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942,1943

Country: Japan


TC Begins: 17:38:20

TC Ends: 17:49:18

Duration: 00:10:58

Know Your Enemy - Japan (1945) R5 of 6 Reviews Japanese history, and philosophical and religious concepts. Continued... Title: 1894 Staged battle. Formosa island invasion. 1904 Japan attacked Russian fleet. War. Japanese cheer. 1910 Annexing Korea. WWI - Japan war w/ Germany, montage including animation. League of Nations & signing 9-power treaty. Marching band in parade. 17:39:59 1927 Tanaka Memorial plan described thru animated charts. Montage of strategic plan to invade world. Gong. VIPs speaking at microphone. Entertainment. Banning western music, dance, movies, books. Japanese traditional game - Go. Anti-American literature. 17:42:52 Baseball stadium. Al Simmons, Lou Gehrig & Lefty Grove in Tokyo - All stars team from US. Babe Ruth. 17:43:34 Sumo; Kendo; Judo; Diplomacy. Kendo, sumo. Map of Japanese army advance & spies aboard. 17:45:17 Fishermen; tourists taking photographs. Intelligence service in Tokyo. Industry - steel, ship yards. Slums. Backroom factories. 17:47:17 Animaton re Japanese trade, dumping. Piracy of patents & copyrights. Underselling, sign: Made in Japan. Automated production. 17:48:24 Ships, freighters, oil tanker. Scrap iron loaded on freighters & cargo ships. Cotton mill. Arms industry. Ships firing guns. Tanks. Men working. Kids working. Child labor. Military parades; montage of working. Continued... Racist WWII Anti-Japanese Propaganda; Economics; Economy; International Trade; Militarism; Military; Pre-WWII;

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