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WWII - 1943, Bonds; Women; Cloverleafs; Kitchen

Reel Number: 220783-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: USA

Location: Washington

TC Begins: 21:38:43

TC Ends: 21:47:55

Duration: 00:09:12

WWII - 1943, Bonds; Women; Cloverleafs; Kitchen Homefront War workers into plant; forging steel. CU of bond posters & bonds. Montage of good factory workers, office workers. Bond rally at baseball field. Oldtimers w/ Babe Ruth hitting, DiMaggio running. Others hitting. Army office & men on field. Ships at dock, equipment, men in field. CU office sign: Gen Somervell, speaking. Maj Gen Loughry, Chief of Finance talking about soldiers buying bonds. Various meetings of officers. Forms being filled out; tanks & equipment past camera. Line of 2 motor bombers taking off. Blacks marching; train runs by; Men running ashore at dawn. Paratroops marching out; bailing out; Woman out of sleeping bag. Mail, sorting by women & at machines. Punch cards Women at file cabinets. Printing. CU bonds. Automatic envelope stuffer putting bonds into envelopes for posting out. Postman & Gold Star in window. Soldiers military parade in DC. Cloverleaf & highways with traffic - streamlined car; Rockettes; symphony; football. Beauty parade with cameramen, one under stairs as girls walk over. Women shopping Nylons in shop window - interior, women buy stockings. Man carries bride over threshold. Kitchen - Woman & 2 kids cooking; steaks, pies, suckling pig. Bonds appeal; WW2; Homefront; Daily Life;

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