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Newsreel - 1950: Korean War; Jolson Award; Oil Fire in Italy; Disaster Tags To Children; B-47 Construction; Hollywood Gold Cup; Maryland Football. Dec50

Reel Number: 220292-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1950

Country: Italy,Korea,USA

Location: College Park, Maryland,San Francisco, California,Washington, DC,Wichita, Kansas

TC Begins: 11:42:16

TC Ends: 11:49:08

Duration: 00:06:52

Newsreel - 1950; Korean War; Jolson Award; Oil Fire in Italy; Disaster Tags To Children; B-47 Construction; Hollywood Gold Cup; Maryland Football. Dec50 Intertitle: Korea - MacArthur And Collins Inspect Battlefront. 11:42:23 MOS. US tank across field. Generals MacArthur & Collins out of jeep, talk w/ officers, CUs. Pan as leaving in jeep passing soldiers. 11:42:54 Battlefield Holy Communion service receiving Communion. Soldiers walk past & lay pieces of tree / twigs on plate. Swish pan to 11:43:17 Four Star General Joseph Collins off plane; CU speaks to men / camera (MOS - silent). 11:43:50 George Marshall awarding Posthumous Medal of Merit to Al Jolson, pins medal on son as widow watches & shakes his hands. MCU & CU. 11:44:17 Title: News In Brief. 11:44:21 Oil well fire in Italy w/ flames high into sky; LS collapsed equipment, man running from burning structure. People walking from home w/ flame above roof in background, load furniture on truck. CUs women crying, flames swirling over storage tanks. LS across orchard field. 11:44:59 Intertitle: California. Children file into classroom. Interior w/ children having Disaster Tags placed around their necks. MCUs. Children standing in front of blackboard w/ chalked: Today is Tag Day. 11:45:39 Intertitle: Kansas. B-47 wings and fuselages under construction at Boeing plant. Women & men riveting. Airfield w/ crew beside B-47, CU underside of wing. Major Wise in helmet & oxgygen mask in front of aircraft. B-47 taking off r. to l. w/ heavy smok & wheels up overhead. 11:46:25 Intertitle: Sports. High angle / HA of race horses walked around paddock before Gold Cup Race, CUs. Jockey riding. 11:46:45 09Dec50 LS of packed rebuilt Hollywood Park grandstand. Horses out of gate. People watching w/ binoculars, woman jumping. horses around backstretch & towards finish line. No. 8, Noor, pulls ahead of no. 4, Hill Prince, at finish. Noor, poses w/ garland & jockey. 11:47:31 Intertitle: Maryland. 09Dec50 Presidential Cup post-season college football. HA football field in sunshine, kickoff & runback for touchdown. Other plays w/ touchdowns by both sides. Texas A&M 40, Georgia 20 Cold War; Korean War; Entertainers; Military Awards; Fires; Schools; Military Aircraft; Horse Racing; Sports; Amateur; 1950s; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. Sound track does not survive at NARA.

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