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Peace Its Wonderful

Reel Number: 220306-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: USAJapan

Location: CA, San Francisco,DC,Il, Chicago,NY, New York,Tokyo Bay,WA, Seattle

TC Begins: 07:08:08

TC Ends: 07:18:20

Duration: 00:10:12

Peace Its Wonderful Truman speaks and says he received a reply from Japan which is unconditional surrender. Washington, Chicago celebrating. Sailor dancing. San Francisco & throwing paper & firecrackers in Chinatown. Seattle & sailors. High angle of Times Square and 2 million with ticker-tape thrown about & drifting down. Girl on shoulders, carrying guy. Drunken soldiers; kissing. Celebrations. Battleship Missouri into Tokyo Bay with Nimitz greeted by Bull Halsey. MacArthur w/ Wainwright, Stilwell. Allied Generals. Shigamitsu w/ wooden leg & others arrive. MacArthur speaks, terms of surrender. Shigamitsu at surrender table. MacArthur observes. MacArthur signs - gives pens Nimitz signs. Chinese General Chang? signs. UK Admiral Sir Bruce Frasier signs - Soviet Union signs - Australia General Sir Thomas Blaney? signs For Canada General Lawrence Cosgrove - France Gen. Jaques-Philippe LeClerc - Netherlands Admiral ? - New Zealand Air Marshal L.M. Issac. Japanese VIPs watching and handed their copy of surrender by Lt. Gen. Sutherland. Percival, Arthur Gen. Adm. Nimitz, Halsey and Sherman. LS of Japanese. Signatures. Fly Past. VJ Day

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