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WWII - 1944, Documentary: Brought To Action

Reel Number: 220431-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1940s

Country: Japan,Philippines,USA

Location: Pacific Leyte,Philippine islands,San Bernardino Strait,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 00:19:57

TC Ends: 00:40:14

Duration: 00:20:17

WWII - 1944, Documentary Pearl Harbor - US Navy Department HQ Washington - reconstruction of delivery of telegram from Admiral Nimitz to James Forrestal, Chief of Naval Operations - CU message On 24th October the enemy forces were brought to action. The second Battle of the Philippines had begun. US Naval Third fleet at sea. Crew briefings - pilots board planes - take off from aircraft carriers. Planes flying in formation - strafing enemy shipping. Animated map Paramushiro - Mindanao - Ryukyu - Manila - Formosa intercut with short battle scenes. 00:22:07 US aircraft flying in formation - fleet en route to Philippines, scenes below decks. Map showing destination - Leyte. Ships firing landing craft - General MacArthur walking onto beach. Newspaper headlines, Philippines invaded. Scenes on board ships, men looking for enemy planes through binoculars. Ships signaler / signalman & signal flags. Japanese naval ships. Various Japanese officers reading orders to men - English subtitles on screen. Banzai. 00:24:55 Troops on Pacific island - supply dump on beach. Japanese animated map using shadow of pincers over Philippines. Periscope of submarine - US submarine surfaces and dives after spotting Japanese fleet - interior US sub, man looking through periscope at Japanese ship. US aircraft over. US aircraft carrier - planes take off. American destroyers - night shots barrage. Hands of US officer drawing on map plans of approach to Leyte. Five US battleships sailing in convoy. Below decks on battleship, loading big guns, radio room, firing - night shots barrage - daylight shots Japanese ship burning - smoke pall. 00:29:23 Animated map - Japanese battleships steaming through San Bernardino Straits - American ships, baby aircraft carriers and destroyers. Japanese big guns firing from battleships on US ships. US ships out gunned ask for help from Admiral Horsley. Adm and other officers looking at map to plan what to do. US destroyers firing until finally sunk by Japanese. 00:31:24 Map - Japanese aircraft carriers - Japanese aircraft, bombers. Planes take off from aircraft carrier. Battle stations on US ship. Night shots planes take off from aircraft carrier. Huge formation of American planes diving on Japanese fleet. Battle scenes. Interior US ship, loading ammunition, big guns firing - excellent barrage shots with natural sound. Shooting down Japanese planes - Japanese plane crashed on deck of US aircraft carrier. More battle scenes, American plane crash lands on deck. Injured treated by medics. Shooting down Japanese planes. AVs bombing ships. Japanese survivors rescued from sea. Damaged plane landing on US aircraft carrier, pilot died on landing. Funeral at sea as pilot is buried along with plane - last post played as plane is tipped off ship. Planes and US battle fleet at sea. WW2; Pacific War; Leyte - Philippines; San Bernardino Strait; NOTE: Any continuous ten minutes sold for per reel rate.

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