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WWII - 1944, Pacific: MacArthur Returns To Philippines. Oct44

Reel Number: 220473-21

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1940s

Country: Australia,Philippines,USA

Location: bataan,Leyte,Pacific

TC Begins: 11:30:16

TC Ends: 11:31:59

Duration: 00:01:43

WWII - 1944, Pacific: MacArthur Returns To Philippines. Oct44 Intertitle: MacArthur Returns To Philippines. 11:30:21 Animated map w/ arrow to Leyte. 11:30:26 General MacArthur at dinner in Australia, MS speaks SOF: “I said to the people of the Philippines whence I came: ‘I shall return’. Tonight I repeat those words. ‘I shall return’.” 11:30:54 Americans walk along railroad tracks out of Bataan tunnel. MCU w/ arms raised in surrender. 11:31:05 Intertitle: General Wainwright. 11:31:08 Task Force 58 at sea for Philippine invasion; Admiral Halsey, shipboard at map. 11:31:16 MCU Aerial of Japanese plane hit; smoking & falling. Japanese ship strafed. Aerial bombing of Japanese bases w/ explosions & fire. Strafed Japanese ship explodes. (GOOD) 11:31:44 MacArthur walks up hill on Leyte w/ officers. MS. WW2; Fighting; Philippine Islands; 1940s;

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