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WWII - 1944, Pacific: The War Against The Japs

Reel Number: 220471-57

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1940s

Country: China,Indonesia,Japan,New Guinea,USA

Location: Morotai,Pacific,Peleliu,Tengchong

TC Begins: 08:10:55

TC Ends: 08:13:57

Duration: 00:03:02

WWII - 1945, Pacific: The War Against The Japs 08:11:00 Title: China 08:11:04 Supplies dropped by air to Chinese troops, then carried by pack train & foot along mountain ridge. Chinese fighting w/ American guns near Burmese border from behind sandbags. Chinese troops crawl forward on assault of city; explosions, flame throwers & mortars used. 08:11:42 Wounded carried on litter; walking wounded. Bazooka fired. Explosions & troops up ladders to capture mountain city Tengchong. Dead Japanese soldiers. Chinese soldier takes Japanese flag from dead Japanese’s pocket. 08:12:20 Title: Morotai. 08:12:22 US troops landing & wading to shore past trucks & other vehicles bogged in water & mud. 08:12:#0 MS troops wading from landing craft. MacArthur w/ wet trousers. Troops on shore & advancing thru jungle. CU MacArthur in sunglasses looking / watching 08:12:58 Title: Peleliu 08:13:01 Ships firing bombardment barrage; marines landing. Violent land battle. Dead American. VERY GOOD footage of commander signaling to men & men advancing. CUs by Oscar winning Australian newsreel cameraman Damien Parer before being killed 17Sep44. WW2 Pacific Fighting; Death; Landings Pacific Islands; 1940s; Battles; NOTE: Damien Parer not seen.

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