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WWII - 1945, Pacific: War Ends. WW2 Summary

Reel Number: 220472-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941,1942,1943,1944,1945

Country: Guam,Japan,Kiribati,Philippines,Solomon Islands,USA

Location: bataan,CORREGIDOR,Guadalcanal,Guam,IWO JIMA,Leyte,Manila,NYC,Pacific,Pearl Harbor,tarawa,Tokyo

TC Begins: 09:01:20

TC Ends: 09:09:50

Duration: 00:08:30

WWII - 1945, Pacific: War Ends. WW2 Summary Main title, Movietone news over eagle & military montage. 09:01:34 Intertitle: War Ends. High Angle / HA night crowds fill Times Square w/ spotlights & neon signs. VJ Day jubilant crowds on Times Square waving. 09:01:57 Japanese warships; pilots run to bombers, take off from Japanese aircraft carrier to attack Pearl Harbor. US ships bombed, explosions & burning in water. 09:02:27 FDR before Congress, declares war on Japan, SOF: “I ask that the Congress declare that since...” 09:03:06 Animated map of Japanese conquests south into Pacific & Asia. 09:03:24 Ttle: Doolittle’s Tokyo Raid. Aircraft carrier Hornet. Doolittle & crew in front of plane. Admiral Halsey. Bombers on carrier & takeoff. Aerial of bombed Tokyo smoking. 09:03:52 Animated map shows conquest East Indies - Borneo, Sumatra, Celebes, Philippines. Wainwright surrendering. Death March of Bataan. 09:04:27 Animated map shows Japanese conquest New Guinea & Solomon Islands. 09:04:39 USA war workers, crowd marching; plane factory; ship launched. 09:04:47 Intertitle: The Road Back - Guadalcanal. Naval barrage; landing, hoisting flag. Animated map w/ US conquest from Solomon Islands to New Guinea. Paratroopers drop. MacArthur in plane w/ machine-gunner. Animated maps shows amphibious “hops” along new Guinea coast. Tarawa in the Gilberts w/ naval battle, explosions & fierce ground battle. Naval battle & US flag hoisted on Guam. Nimitz on Guam. 09:06:26 Intertitle: Return To The Philippines. MacArthur off ship & w/ President Osmena returns to the Philippines in Leyte. Map of approach to Battle of Leyte. 09:06:56 Animated map of Philippines & landing points. Manila burning & street fighting. Corregidor invaded by air - paratroopers jump. MacArthur at Corregidor raising of US flag. 09:07:43 Iwo Jima; high aerial showing naval forces along coast. Land invasion. Troops in hills. Flag raising (frames of black at end). 09:08:11 Animated map of Okinawa. Excellent suicide air attacks / kamikaze. Aerial explosion. Flame throwers seen from a distance. Devastation & fire on Iwo Jima. 09:09:08 Animated map shows final encirclement of Japan. 09:09:18 MS Truman at desk; troops march; plane in flight; warships; troops march, low plane. CU Stars and Stripes. 09:09:46 End title: Buy That Extra War Bond Today. 1940s History; Victory

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