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1951 - Korean War: MacArthur Relieved Of Command. Apr51

Reel Number: 250072-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1951

Country: Korea,USA

Location: DC,Wake Island,Washington

TC Begins: 22:24:38

TC Ends: 22:29:38

Duration: 00:05:00

1951 - Korean War: MacArthur Relieved Of Command. Apr51 22:24:43 Reporters taking notes at press conference, MCUs. Press secretary; reporters running out of room. Newspaper headlines of New York Post & others. Swish pan... 22:25:05 MacArthur & ?? walking out of Tokyo headquarters past troops & into car. HA of post-WWII street scene, people reading Japanese wall announcement; MacArthur & other officers in Korea. 22:25:26 Large explosion beyond parked tank & jeep. MacArthur looking at body on roadside; given briefing by officer in field at Korean frontlines. LS of smoke from opposite hillside. 22:25:43 President Truman, followed by military officers down steps from plane, greeted by MacArthur & photographers (in 1950). Posing together. 22:25:56 Korean MP checking papers on road. 22:26:04 CU General Matthew Ridgway; riding in jeep thru mud. Swish pan to... 22:26:16 US Capitol building; newsreel cameras interviewing Democratic Congressman Morgan of Pennsylvania, CU SOF: “The first qualification of a soldier is to be able to carry out a command. General MacArthur seems to be above that qualification. He has defied both Chief of Staff & the trust placed in him by the United Nations. I commend the action of the President.” 22:26:42 Republican Senator Homer Ferguson of Michigan, SOF: “I believe that the President’s action today in the removal of General MacArthur was a tragic mistake. I am of the opinion it was caused by the President’s failure to recognize the overall Communist aggression that is global & international. It is in my opinion an appeasement of the British philosophy that was brought here in December by Mr. Attlee. I also feel that it is against the best interest of America.” 22:27:18 Senator Lister Hill, Democrat of Alabama (SOF). “The President’s action shows that he is resolved to stay out of a terrible all-out war in China. And I agree with him. The matter is so vital to the peace & security of our country, & to the lives of millions of America’s young men. I hope it may be considered on its merits & not on any basis of politics or personalities.” 22:27:46 Ext. White House. Int. CU of Truman, CUs newsreel cameramen. Truman behind desk, SOF: “I believe that we must try to limit the war to Korea for these vital reasons: to make sure that the precious lives of our fighting men are not wasted; to see that the security of our country & the free world is not needlessly jeopardized; & to prevent a third world war. A number of events have made it evident that General MacArthur did not agree with that policy. I have therefore considered it essential to relieve General MacArthur so that there would be no doubt or confusion as to the real purpose & aim of our policy. It was w/ the deepest personal regret that I found myself compelled to take this action. General MacArthur is one of our greatest military commanders. But the cause of world peace is much more important than any individual. The change in commands in the Far East means no change whatever in the policy of the United States. We will carry on the fight in Korea w/ vigor & determination in an effort to bring the war to a speedy & successful conclusion.” 22:29: jump to: “The free nations have united their strength in an effort to prevent a third world war. That war can come if the Communist rulers want it to come. But this Nation & its allies will not be responsible for its coming. We do not want to widen the conflict. We will use every effort to prevent that disaster. And in so doing, we know that we are following the great principles of peace, freedom, and justice.” Dismissal; Firing; Opinions; Politics; Loyalty; Rebellion; Cold War; Chain of Command; Commander In Chief;

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