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3,700 Civilians Freed From Manila Prison (1945)

Reel Number: 221595-33

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Philippines,Spain

Location: Manila,Santa Tomas

TC Begins: 02:35:13

TC Ends: 02:36:57

Duration: 00:01:44

3,700 Civilians Freed From Manila Prison 02:35:18 MS Santa Tomas prison. High angle of jeep leading motorcade w/ Gen. MacArthur arrival, out of car, greeted by liberated mostly British & American civilians. People talking. 02:35:41 Japanese attack, troops run & w/ artillery firing back. 02:35:56 Freed civilians around covered stalls or tables for preparing papers for evacuation home. Underweight men chop wood, in line for food, eating, smoking, laughing. Getting & reading mail, crying. 02:36:38 MacArthur leaving Santa Tomas. People wave. WWII Liberation; Pacific; 1945;

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