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Admiralty Islands (Los Negros), Bismarck Archipelago

Reel Number: 220824-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Canada,Papua new Guinea,Papua New Guinea Pacific

Location: Admiralty Islands,Papua New Guinea

TC Begins: 12:07:33

TC Ends: 12:17:38

Duration: 00:10:05

Admiralty Islands (Los Negros), Bismarck Archipelago 02-03Mar44 Men firing machine gun & rifle 12:07:47 US troops looking at Japanese corpses; retrieving gun from foxhole. Corpse covered w/ flies & maggots. CUs partially buried bodies in & near cave. 12:09:27 MacArthur & officers stand & look at Japanese bodies in loincloth. Talks w/ officer; leaving. MacArthur boards small barge. Troops carry wounded on stretchers from jungle to boats on river. Medics tending wounded in jungle. 12:12:14 CU Japanese bodies, some w/ festering fly-infested wounds. 12:14:01 Operation in hospital tent; scrubbing up. 12:16:10 Dead into boat. Pan US ships by shore. 12:17:02 Burial at sea w/ flag, prayer & gun salute. WW2; WWII; Fighting; Horrors of War; 1944;

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