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Appointment In Tokyo (1945) R5 of 6

Reel Number: H1532-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Philippines,USA

Location: intramuros,Manila,Pasig River

TC Begins: 12:09:41

TC Ends: 12:18:28

Duration: 00:08:47

WWII - 1945, Philippines: Manila Fighting & Landing on Corregidor Refugees fleeing burning buildings w/ belongings; natives carry wounded / injured on stretcher thru street. CU women carry babies. LSs. 12:10:02 MLS U.S. troops running thru burning debris in street. Pan burning roofs of city buildings. 12:10:33 LS of burning city, Manila, in daytime. CU unfolding paper w/ Japanese characters, field order of 13Feb saying Filipinos found on battle field will be executed. Bodies in rubble. View across Pasig river; GIs firing machine guns from high windows. Tanks & artillery firing w/ explosions. 12:11:53 Soldiers rowing across river, intercut w/ artillery, explosions, burning buildings. GOOD. 12:12:23 Street fighting as GIs run in. Walls of Intramuros. Street fighting, artillery, CU explosions. Flamethrowers. GIs thru wall, infantry riflemen among rubble. Bodies of many Japanese beside wall. GIs looking thru collapsed buildings, treating injured boy on mattress in home. Bloodied young boy & girl sitting on wood; CUs. Bandaged children & others carried & led. 12:14:56 Soldiers help native crowd into boats on river; city burning behind. Crossing floating bridge w/ babies; nuns carry babies. LS panning pontoon bridge. GI helping wounded. 12:15:55 View from behind troops looking across water to Corregidor. MCU MacArthur. Superimposed scenes of surrender & lowering of flag. View from / of C-47s in flight, aerial above Corregidor & ships offshore. Paratroops in plane, prepare & jump from C-47's. Landings & planes behind. Hard landings. Covered body of paratrooper. GOOD. 12:17:46 Landing craft onto shore, troops run off. MCU wounded Japanese. US troops resting on mountain ridge. 12:18:11 General MacArthur lands on island with infantry units; to flag pole for ceremony. WW2 Fighting; Philippines; Manila; Battles; History of War; Horrors of War; NOTE: GOOD quality & action.

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