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Army Air Forces - Pacific Pt. 2 of 2

Reel Number: 221585-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: Burma,Japan,Northern Mariana Islands,Pacific Islands,Philippines

Location: Borneo,Hiroshima,IWO JIMA,Okinawa RYUKUS,Philippines,Saipan,Tokyo

TC Begins: 16:18:43

TC Ends: 16:25:55

Duration: 00:07:12

Army Air Forces - Pacific Pt. 2 of 2 Bombers over island, aerial views Iwo Jima; night battle in sky; US planes on ground burning. Day, debris & destroyed planes on Iwo Jima, corpses. 16:19:49 US fighters & bomber airplanes on airstrip after US takeover. Bombers in flight, fighting, gunners in plane firing machine guns. 16:20:26 Borneo aerial view, bombardment, explosions; planes in flight, craters. GOOD dropping of bombs, Philippines, explosions, bombers dropping bombs. Damage from low level plane over Japanese air base, destroyed planes on ground. Ground shots of hangers, planes 16:21:51 General MacArthur w/ troops walking into city. Cemetery w/ crosses marked unknown. 16:22:13 Monument on grave of Ernie Pyle of 77th Infantry Division. Doolittle talking w/ other military, Gen. Arnold, Kenney & Whitehead. 16:22:49 Bombers nearing Tokyo. Mt. Fujiyama amidst clouds. Bomb-bay doors opens. String of bombs dropping, explosions. 16:23:26 Night bombing, fires. Day w/ smoke raising. 16:23:57 Aerial of B29 flying w/ atomic bomb beneath to Hiroshima (note: B-29 has a top turret on it?) 16:24:29 Alamogordo, New Mexico atomic cloud. 16:25:09 Silverplate B-29 flies off seen from beneath (no turret showing). The End w/ Buy Bonds. WWII Pacific History; Cemeteries; Pacific Islands; Atomic Blast; Silver plate; WW2;

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