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First Pictures: MacArthur’s Return To Philippines

Reel Number: 221230-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Philippines

Location: Leyte,Philippine islands,Tacloban City

TC Begins: 18:09:51

TC Ends: 18:12:45

Duration: 00:02:54

First Pictures: MacArthur’s Return To Philippines Aerial over enormous fleet. In boat to shore, Vice Admirals Wilkinson, Kincaid & Lt. Gen. Krueger facing camera. Animated map showing Pacific Islands & Leyte Island. 18:10:14 Ships & small boats to shore. MacArthur w/ corn cob pipe & dark glasses in landing craft; ships shelling shore w/ barrages. MacArthur & ?? watch landings from flagship. View from landing craft going into shore, troops laying in brush on shore. 18:11:01 Sergio Osmena & MacArthur shaking hands & head to shore. US flag flying. Wading ashore & out of water. MCU of Macarthur w/ pipe. Large landing craft unloading troops into the water. 18:11:35 Troops pulling carts, armored forces & tanks past camera. Marines moving thru grass, firing. Destroyed Japanese tanks inspected. People gathering up corrugated metal huts. Heavily damaged buildings. CU kids playing. 18:12:24 MacArthur & others in front of Capitol Building in Tocloban on steps. Osmena speaking at mic. US flag on pole. 18:12:37 Buy Bonds The End. Universal Newsreel WWII - Pacific - Invasion - Philippines; Returning; Legend; Hero;

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