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Gen. Douglas MacArthur Returns To The Philippines (ca 20-23Oct44)

Reel Number: 221576-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Philippines


TC Begins: 13:08:43

TC Ends: 13:15:21

Duration: 00:06:38

Gen. Douglas MacArthur Returns To The Philippines (ca 20-23Oct44) AV MacArthur in trench coat boards warship from transport boat. MS sailors salute. MacArthur on deck w/ various officers. AV Marine photographer leaves transport boat w/ can of film (?) & still camera. US flag flying; men bring duffel bags. MS MacArthur smokes corn-cob pipe on bridge w/ officers; looks out to sea; officer w/ binoculars. 13:10:56 MacArthur, & party descend stairs to transport boat. VS MacArthur on landing craft w/ Philippines Osmena helped into boat, battleship in BG. MCU Osmena & MacArthur talking, w/ map. 13:13:09 MacArthur & Filipino party wade ashore; Marines on beach. MacArthur w/ crowd walks thru trees past destroyed village. Landing craft w/ Marines. Osmena & Filipino soldier drink from canteen. CU CU MacArthur w/ pipe and sunglasses. WWII - Pacific War; Return; Promise; Philippine Landing; NOTE: Good quality & coverage f

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