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Gen. Douglas MacArthur Touring Philippines

Reel Number: 220812-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Borneo,Malaysia

Location: labuan

TC Begins: 19:44:36

TC Ends: 19:51:57

Duration: 00:07:21

Gen. Douglas MacArthur Touring Philippines VS Gen. MacArthur and Gen. George C Kenny observe naval bombardment from bridge of warship. VS heavy guns firing broadsides. Battleships on horizon. Empty shell cases piled on deck. 19:48:18: Arrival Australian Gen. Mooreshead on ship. Gens MacArthur, Kenney, Mooreshead and Admiral Royal leave battleship. Transport boat moving at speed across bay w/ Generals. Landing on Labuan off Borneo. Party of Generals meeting Australian and US? troops and local people. Generals pass tanks on road and Australian troops resting. 19:51:18: Troops and Generals examine dead Japanese soldier in ditch. MacArthur and party board LCVP and leave island. Pacific War; WWII; WW2; 1945;

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