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Japanese Behaviour Reel 6

Reel Number: 221040-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1930s-1940s

Country: Japan


TC Begins: 09:08:06

TC Ends: 09:16:11

Duration: 00:08:05

Japanese Behaviour Reel 6 Office of Strategic Services - Japanese Background Study Program Part 3 - On the psychology and living habits of the Japanese people. NB Many scenes taken from pre-1941 Japanese feature films. Animated chart showing growth of child literacy in Japan. Emphasis on education - film extracts w/ drunkard father sending young son out to earn money - government official tries to take child to school but is beaten up by father and his friends - youngster eventually gets to school and reformed father proud. Postman delivers message to woman - people reading bulletin board. Empress gives lighthouse keeper a radio. 09:10:00 Montage explaining psychology of the ancient Samurai and modern Bushido codes: Samurai archer applauded; soldiers practice w/ bayonets; women practice archery; Samurai swordsman fights multiple attackers; Japanese fight Chinese attackers on riverboat; Samurai walks calmly to his death / modern Bushido soldier drinks ritual cup of sake before suicide mission. Montage of dead Japanese warriors / soldiers - Samurai commit hara kiri, for Bushido it’s “falling like a cherry blossom” or “the way of the warrior”. 09:11:54 Montage of heroic statues, shrines and banners. People banzai. Mountain scenes. Family visit grandmother’s grave to ask for approval. 09:13:19 Moving samurai sword optical over blossom trees w/ caption ‘February 11, 660 B.C.’ - narr. reads directive of 1st Mikado: “We shall found the Empire and cover that which is under the heavens”. ‘February 11, 1940’ - Crowds celebrate 2600 anniversary of mythological founding - banzai and waving Japanese flags - re-affirmation of pledge. ‘November 26, 1941’ - Sec. of State Hull off plane in Tokyo for meeting w/ Japanese Ambassador re: Pacific region. ‘December 6, 1941’ - Roosevelt on US battleship w/ MacArthur & Nimitz ? as narr. reads letter he wrote to Japanese Emperor on that date in efffort to keep the peace. ‘December 7, 1944’ - Ambassador Nomura ? and envoy speak to press - narr reads statement given to Hull 55mins after Pearl Harbor attack - “...the government of Japan...has continued negotiations with the utmost sincerity”. 09:15:22 Extracts from scenes of Japanese life used earlier - Geishas, schoolchildren etc. - blends into footage of atrocities committed by Japanese troops in China - civilians beaten, dead babies, Chinese kicked into pits and shot in the head etc. Smiling Japanese general off plane, salutes. “We must know them as they are”. WWII. Customs.

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