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Japanese Surrenders In The Pacific R2

Reel Number: 220834-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: China,Japan,Pacific,Philippines,Singapore,South Korea

Location: Baguio,Cebu,Luzon,Marcus Islands,Nanking,Seoul,Shanghai,Singapore

TC Begins: 00:41:01

TC Ends: 00:50:01

Duration: 00:09:00

Japanese Surrenders In The Pacific R2 Cebu Island, Philippines. US troops march Japanese POWs along a Pacific island road & Japanese commander hands over sabre in surrender. US soldiers gathering captured swords & guns. 00:41:38 Baguio, Luzon - Japanese officer Yamashita signs surrender documents as Generals Wainwright, Percival & other allied generals watch. Yamashita enters prison. 00:42:54 Surrender of Marcus Islands aboard US Destroyer Bagley. Japanese signing. 00:43:19 Wake Island. Destroyed Japanese bases - marines salute hoisting American flag, 04Sep45. General Walter Baylor. Wrecked US marine planes. 00:44 01 Singapore. High angle of city. British Royal Marines go ashore at Pennang? after local surrender agreement. British fleet off Hong Kong. Aerials of destruction. Aug45 British patrol streets; fire from buildings. Japanese soldiers surrender. 00:45:16 Nanking, China. Japanese surrender to Gen. Chiang Kai-Shek. 00:45:39 Shanghai aerials; Chinese boy sews American flag, civilians waving US & Chinese (not PRC) flags. 00:46:03 South Korea, US troops enter Seoul; signing surrender. Lt. Gen. John Hodge. Japanese flag lowered & hoisting American flag. 00:47:08 Emaciated released American POWs welcome ship come to rescue them. American POWs drink from flask. GIs inside liberated POW camp with allied prisoners - victims show traces of beatings. Red Cross packages - graves; Japanese guards bow to departing prisoners. GOOD kiss. Liberated prisoners board train, trucks & boats to return home. 00:49:04 Hospital ship Benevolence. LS carrier w/ plane formation above - MacArthur quote in VO “... my earnest hope that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood of carnage... founded upon faith and understanding...” Superimpression on flags turning on to of globe & saluting military. The End. Post-WWII; Post-WW2; Summary;

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