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Know Your Enemy - Japan (1945) R6 of 6

Reel Number: 221199-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942,1943

Country: Japan


TC Begins: 17:49:18

TC Ends: 18:00:27

Duration: 00:11:09

Know Your Enemy - Japan (1945) R6 of 6 Reviews Japanese history, and philosophical and religious concepts. Continued... Marching soldiers. Montage of iron ore, steel factory likened to working to temper children & shape them. Children's military training. Children w/ guns advance. Judo. Pulling rope. Exercise; with dark glasses in tanning-type treatment. Children fence. 17:51:20 Animation & montage newspaper headlines intercut w/ atrocities. Japanese co-prosperity attack on China. Mutilated corpses into truck. Jap cheer. 17:52:03 Japanese newsreel re Philippines victory - Wainwright surrender to Homma at Corregidor & lowering US flag. Montage torn US flag. Bataan Death March & overcrowded POW camps - emaciated, starved Americans. Bodies. 17:54:08 POWs at time of rescue by MacArthur. Manila city. Aerials of leveled Manila. Horrific slaughtered civilians on streets. Corpses of babies & children. Japanese military training, cheering and banzai in many circumstances w/ Emperor in uniform, officers, civilians in stadium, etc. 17:56:13 Montage of US forces attacking Japan in various places including various US flag raisings. Paratroops landing on Pacific Island; Marines landing; Iwo Jima explosions & ships shelling island. Rockets launched. WWII Anti-Japanese Propaganda; Prisoners of War; Battle; Fighting; Horrors of War;

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