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KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 1 of 10

Reel Number: 221298-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950,1953

Country: Korea,Russia,USSR

Location: Stalingrad

TC Begins: 07:00:00

TC Ends: 07:09:47

Duration: 00:09:47

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 1 of 10 Panmunjom w/ soldiers standing guard & monument, 1950 - 1953. Interior empty negotiating table. 07:00:52 Armistice agreement opened & signature Gen. Mark W Clark, US army, Commander in Chief, UN. 07:01:12 Title. Explosions & artillery firing; start of war. Large US bombers & bombs exploding seen from above & on ground. Impact sequence of bombs on town. 07:02:09 Japanese flag w/ Jap surrender troops resting on ground. Rifles stacked on ground. 15Aug45 victory celebrations. Cheering crowd. 07:03:02 Kim Il Sung speaking. Crowd cheering. Fireworks. Map of Korea. 07:03:49 USS Saint Paul (CA-73) stern w/ sailors. US army marching thru city. US military parade. US soldiers marching towards camera. Korean police in uniform marching. 07:04:58 Sign: National Police College of Korea. US soldier by brick entrance post. Troops reviewed. (some focus problems) 07:05:25 US military man (Gen. Hodge?) beside Korean on podium. Documents. 07:05:42 Korean police parade? Mounted police. Military parade, jeeps, armored cars etc. 07:05:57 Large building w/ broken windows, poster w/ Japanese flag (?). Characters (Jap. or Korean?) falling off, signs on ground. Pan from inside over broken windows. Slum conditions of huts. 07:06:26 Line up of troops or police outside Seoul assembly building. Arrival of armored cars w/ US troops on top & MacArthur’s car. Syngman Rhee & MacArthur standing, talking. Other military & civilians. Rhee & MacArthur at microphones. 07:07:22 Still photo of artillery & early troops in Philippines (?). Mac at mic; troops marching. Army truck w/ South Korean flag. US ships firing, burning city. Korean civilians run through street w/ hands up. Troops into houses; crowd w/ fighting & kicking. Helmeted police arresting. Prisoners into jail. Still of men tied to post w/ targets on chest & US soldier w/ rifle. 07:08:35 Troops parade w/ flags; w/ packs. On firing range w/ US military supervising training w/ grenades, artillery. Troops (North or South Korean?) march past w/ rifles. Men in white outfits marching along country road w/ US soldier guarding. Troops on parade guard. 07:09:34 Unloading US Air Force plane into army truck w/ South Korean flag on hood. Railroad flat-cars w/ jeeps etc. Korean War; Propaganda; Military History;

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