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KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 3 of 10

Reel Number: 221298-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950-1953

Country: Korea,South Korea

Location: Seoul

TC Begins: 07:20:09

TC Ends: 07:29:14

Duration: 00:09:05

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 3 of 10 Trucks loaded w/ volunteers; rallies etc. & volunteers marching. Troops marching along road & riding on railroad. Illustration of Kim Il Sung (?) in uniform & generals around a large map of river. 07:21:33 Artillery firing; explosions; T 34s in line abreast (Sure this comes from Stalingrad). Chinese machine gun or maxim as soldiers attack. Animated map showing North Korea crossing 38th Parallel. 07:21:56 Men running ahead. CU tank forwards & soldiers, motorcycles w/ machine guns & sidecars. Soldiers talk to people in street in Seoul (?) 07:22:28 Attacking, on foot, armored cars. Posters up & crowd in streets. Infantry jog towards camera w/ camouflage on helmets. Wade stream. 07:22:58 Artillery sequence: both sides followed by fighting sequences, North Koreans generally wearing leaves. More mass attack. Gun barrels raised in unison. Tank across stream and followed. 07:24:17 Attack into Seoul (?) streets. Some short shots O.K. Han river bridge blown & trapped dead beside vehicles. 07:25:20 Seoul assembly, other buildings. North Korean flag flying 28 June, general street scenes. North Korean slogan / poster on tram. 07:26:23 T34s lead parade thru Seoul. Posters Stalin and Kim in background. North Korean army parade, guerrilla volunteers following. Singalong troops in city; parade on road marching South. 07:27:57 MacArthur off plane, into jeep & talking w/ men & press. Mass wreckage by bridge w/ bodies. wounded helped. Mac talks to press. 07:28:57 Many planes overhead. Troops marching on road, across bridge. Korean War; Propaganda; Military History;

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