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KOREA K12 - EX North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 4 of 10 Task Force Smith

Reel Number: 221298-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950-1953

Country: Korea


TC Begins: 07:29:14

TC Ends: 07:38:44

Duration: 00:09:30

KOREA K12 - EX North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 4 of 10 Task force Smith US soldiers at foot of hill, move up & on ground w/ rifles at top firing. North Koreans watch; w/ map. Maxim replies US soldiers run for cover (various shots). Best task force sequence seen. (GOOD). Dead & captured US prisoners of war (POWS), CUs, surrounded by North Korean officers. Naval battle. 07:30:44 Stagey advance after tanks by North Koreans. 1950-7-7 UN Security Council w/ empty USSR chair. Demonstrator evicted. Warren Austin gesturing. Truman at podium addressing Reserve Officers. Draftees. MacArthur w/ flags of US, UN & military. 07:31:58 Soldiers march w/ flags, Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC. Troops into NYC Penn Station (?). 07:32:18 Rockets loaded under planes, line of planes. Mass of planes on aircraft carrier deck, wings folded. British (?) politicians. Sailors march onto carrier, bombs or shells brought up by British sailors. Troops HMS Theseus ??? & Greek or Turkish troops?? Various cavalry & marching. 07:33:35 Mass tanks on parade; troops on small railroad platform: Task Force Smith. Similar crowd of GIs on train in B/G. Ship decks crammed & soldiers down ramps etc at Pusan build up. Tanks on train. CU US & Korean officers. Tank up at speed US M-46 then ShermanTank followed by columns US troops. Jeeps, trucks & troops, artillery. Americans moving up. GOOD 07:35:02 Naval sequence. Navy ships anchored, firing, jet planes off carrier, mass wings in flight. Bombing. Destruction on the ground, burning buildings & smoke. 07:35:56 Camouflaged North Korean truck in city. Kim Il Sung photo in paper 07:36:18 T34 tanks & infantry forward & across stream. HA North Korean mass columns advance up valley. US soldires running after tanks; jeeps fording river. GI looks at watch; US blowing bridge; still of destruction. 07:37:10 Machine guns firing; artillery sequence; planes bombing run over river. 07:37:35 Two shots of North Koreans at river, crossing under fire. Some stagey. T34 into water. Planes diving. North Koreans in small boats down river; infantry fording. Korean War; Military History; Propaganda;

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