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KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 6 of 10

Reel Number: 221298-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950-1953

Country: Korea,South Korea

Location: Seoul

TC Begins: 07:49:21

TC Ends: 07:57:52

Duration: 00:08:31

KOREA K12 - Ex North Korean Film - FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR Pt. 6 of 10- UN troops w/ packs onto ships. Korea assembly point, CU Turkish crescent. load onto trucks; off ships. Walker speaking. 07:50:10 Australian troops; troops in field. 07:50:28 Naval battleship guns firing day & night; explosions on land - varying quality. 07:51:45 MacArthur & Osema landing in Philippines. Wipe to on bridge of ship. 07:52:01 North Koreans / Chinese march over bridge, trucks & lorries ford river, troops along ridge. Maxim machine gun fired, artillery. 07:52:31 Very good shot explosion close to US infantry in ditch. More US action in field, thru Seoul. Stretcher on helicopter & flown out. 07:53:22 North Korean troops meeting, cheering & marching in hills; people waving & cheering them. Running into village & fighting 07:54:32 THE HUMAN WAVE (Chinese enter war). Staged volunteer guerrillas given weapons, woman forward / snow. Training w/ rifles sequence. Ski troops. 07:55:27 More running towards camera, explosions, street fighting. Mass advance (staged). 07:55:47 Photo of Kim Il Sung (?) & officer. Troops in mountains, cleaning weapons, polishing shells. Camouflaged tank no. 428 cleared & crew in, leaves out of hills. T34 bounces across ditch toward camera. Snow advance w/ tanks; Chinese columns. LS of troops moving through mountains. Winter. 07:57:28 Artillery sequence w/ attack sequence Korean War; Military History; Propaganda;

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