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Korean War - Color, 1951, Documentary Film: This Is Korea R4 of 6

Reel Number: 250062-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950,1951

Country: Japan,Korea,South Korea,USA

Location: Hawaii,Honolulu,Seoul,Tokyo

TC Begins: 02:25:35

TC Ends: 02:34:51

Duration: 00:09:16

R4 of 6 Color, Documentary Film re How Korea became embroiled in Cold War politics & story of 7th Fleet & 1st Marine Division in Korean War in first year. LS across valley as Marines move up on foot, w/ tanks, artillery firing; planes strafing w/ napalm. Infantry up w/ strafing beyond. 02:26:29 Aerial over power plant on Chosin Reservoir. 02:26:48 Marines w/ packs up steep, rocky hillside. 02:27:08 Firing automatic rifle from sandbagged position; others firing sniper rifles & bazookas. Many different intercut (some scenes have patches of snow). View down onto lower ridge hit w/ mortar rounds. Grenades thrown down; phosphorous exploding. Flame throwers along ridge. 02:28:42 Men climbing up snowy ridge towards camera; taking prisoners, searching, breaking weapons along cliff. 02:29:23 MCU Questioning beside fire at night thru interpreter. 02:30:01 Pan across artillery & crates in snow, tents in background to jeeps & trucks; men getting food outside in blowing snow / blizzard. Men on parked tanks. Tank moving in snow past other equipment. 02:31:26 Snow covered fighter jets w/ wings folded up on aircraft carrier w/ ice & snow on deck as snow falls. 02:31:26 Pan snow covered equipment w/ tents behind. Several soldiers having snowball fight; wash in bucket; standing around fire w/ Korean kids, CU. Men wait in snow for outdoor toilet. 02:32:30 Tokyo, Japan. Limousine arrives, General Douglas MacArthur out & past camera into building. 02:32:50 Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii w/ military men & women along sidewalk. CU sign: Commander In Chief Pacific & United States Pacific Fleet. 02:33:00 Admiral Arthur W. Radford at desk, CU of pen signing his name on military form. 02:33:13 Tokyo; sign on awning: Commander Naval Forces Far East. Interior meeting w/ Vice-Admiral Turner Joy standing, speaking SOF, two officers listening, male secretary typing: “The situation in Korea is so critical that we in the Navy must give give the 8th Army the maximum practical support. I direct that the commander of the Seventh Fleet, the Commander of Carrier Division 15, the Fleet Marine Air Wing, & the Commander of United Nations’ Blockading & Air Force be directed to provide the maximum possible air gunfire support.” CU of recording typewriter. 02:33:53 CU signs in rain: Far East Air Forces; 315th Air Division Combat Cargo; 5th Fighter Command; 5th Bomber Command; jeep w/ sign 5th Air Force, 02:34:11 Two Naval ships of Task Force 77 at sea, USS Eversole (DD-789) refueling in winter storm. CUs; man in bosun chair as waves break. GOOD. Anti-Communist; Communism; American Korean War Propaganda; Cold War; Fighting; Battles; 1950; 1951; NOTE: Battle of Chosin aka Changjin Lake campaign was 17 days : 27Nov-13Dec50

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