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Korean War - Replacements Attacked

Reel Number: 221116-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1950

Country: Korea,North Korea

Location: Chon,Pyong Dong

TC Begins: 05:34:35

TC Ends: 05:36:25

Duration: 00:01:50

Korean War - Replacements Attacked 24Aug50 Chon-Pyong Dong? VS replacements on way to front take cover in embankment on side of road - under mortar fire. Four enemy tanks knocked out by 2nd Bn, 27th Infantry Regt and Co “C” 73rd Heavy Tank Battalion. Tanks are Russian T-34s used by North Koreans. Few men point to dead North Korean lying on roadside. Damage to tanks. Two men dig a hole with shovels. Coffee cooking on fire, exhausted soldier lying on his back. Cartoon in communist paper “MacArthur tied to gun of Russian tank”. Ambush.

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