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Manila Free Of Japanese Domination

Reel Number: 220821-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Philippines

Location: CORREGIDOR,intramuros,Manila

TC Begins: 09:42:54

TC Ends: 09:50:35

Duration: 00:07:41

Manila Free Of Japanese Domination AV Manila burning. US troops in battle for sports stadium w/ Japanese snipers. VS explosions around city; tanks fire on buildings. Troops in building fire at Japanese positions and looking over other side of river with binoculars. Firing big guns inside city. Explosions. LS fleeing Japanese gunned down by US snipers in FG. 09:45:01 Destroyed bridges. US Troops cross river on assault boats. Street fighting. US troops attack Japanese sniper positions w/ rifles and flamethrower. LS Post Office building taken, US flag raised. Wounded soldier carried on stretcher to City Hall, under fire from snipers. Blood transfusion. 09:46:35 VS big guns breach walls of Intramuros, old Spanish city, infantry advance. AV US troops enter Intramuros. Japanese snipers burned and blasted out by flamethrowers and explosives. VS dead / dying Japanese troops. US troops move through ruined streets. AV bridge built across river by US troops. 09:48:02 AVs Manila ruined after battle. Civilians used as human shields by Japanese inc. raggedy nuns and other refugees on bridge and in American boat. Dirty and traumatised-looking woman, man and children. VS graphic dead Filipino civilians w/ hands tied behind their back litter streets. 09:49:19 Gen. MacArthur inspects destruction in Manila. Group pose w/ Japanese flags ???. 09:49:43 MacArthur arrives on Corregidor; makes victory speech and salutes as US flag raised. WWII. Pacific War. War Atrocities.

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