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New Guinea & Buna Activities, c.1941-45

Reel Number: 220821-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1941-1945

Country: New Guinea,Pacific

Location: buna

TC Begins: 09:01:01

TC Ends: 09:10:32

Duration: 00:09:31

New Guinea & Buna Activities, c.1941-45 MS arrival of Gen. MacArthur in 2-engine bomber. VS MacArthur w/ senior officers inc. Lt. Gen. George C. Kenny and gets into car watched by crowd of USAF? personnel. Car leaves airfield. VS Marines / GIs? in jungle positions. Grenades loaded into launcher and fired. Japanese PoWs, most undernourished, w/ US troops. GIs cross makeshift bridge. 09:03:47 Japanese corpses on beach. GIs w/ landing craft on beach. GIs and PoWs build tank tracks through swamp w/ logs. Tank moves along track. VS natives w/ belongings, guerrillas w/ rifles and US? troops in Jeep move through jungle. 09:08:46 Lt. Gen. Eichelberger w/ Austrian Gen. Blamey. GIs fire grenades from jungle position. Trench full of dead Japanese. Catholic service w/ troops. Eichelberger and Blamey inspect heavy artillery positions. WWII. Pacific War.

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