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News Parade Of The Year 1944

Reel Number: 221307-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Japan,Panama,USA

Location: New York City,NYC,Okinawa,Pacific,Panama

TC Begins: 11:01:05

TC Ends: 11:14:20

Duration: 00:13:15

News Parade Of The Year 1944 Castle Films Presents 11:01:17 Title: Allies Liberate France Montage: Explosions, artillery firing. “3rd Army...” tanks & troops advance firing, fighting; along road past dead mule, soldiers, burning vehicles. Soldiers in house to house fighting w/ rifles & bazooka rocket launchers. WWII. 11:02:16 Questioning captured German soldiers, one slapped. Large group marching in formation w/ rifles. 11:02:25 Title: Paris: General Eisenhower At Arc de Triomphe! Walking ahead of French military to wreath & placing another w/ photographers behind. Waving from car. 11:03:00 Title: Yanks Carry War To German Soil! Tanks firing, Siegfried line & dragon’s teeth. GIs walk thru. Gun camera of strafing & explosions. Artillery firing. Strafing & blowing up train. 11:03:57 Title: Siege & Capture of Aachen! Firing from tanks, into buildings w/ machine guns; throwing grenades. Moving up thru streets. Eisenhower inspecting troops. Aerial of flooded area, army trucks through flooded city. Stretching camouflage in snow; firing artillery; walking thru snow. 11:05:22 Title: Brussels Liberated. Troops run thru street, tanks thru field. Antwerp buildings falling, tank & buildings burning. People waving to greet tanks, CU running over swastika flag; flag lighted w/ match & crowd watches. Kissing tank driver. 11:06:18 Title: Canadians - British Drive Into Holland Parachutes descending seen from another & from ground. Boats landing. Fighting, running thru streets; helping woman. 11:07:07 Title: Pope Pius Blesses Allied Soldiers At Vatican Line of soldiers watches Pope walk to throne, blessing given, carried thru crowd w/ blessing given. 11:07:54 Title: Soviet Armies Blast Way To Germany! Artillery firing, machine gun. Fighting in railyard & heavy industry plant. Run past destroyed building. “Captured German films reveal destruction by retreating Nazis!” Blowing up railroad, power lines, buildings. “60,000 Nazi Prisoners Marched Thru Moscow Streets” 11:09:26 Title: U.S. Marines Crush Japs in Marianas! Artillery firing, explosions. Fighting on Saipan thru jungle; tanks, flame throwers into caves. Surrendering, grenades into caves. Suicide off cliffs. Piles of bodies. “MacArthur Back in Philippines Massive flotilla of ships, MacArthur watching; wades ashore w/ Osmena. GIs moving up, burning village. At Presidential palace. 11:11:55 Title: Britain Fights Robot Bomb Menace! GOOD CU of buzz bomb. Artillery firing; planes diving; explosion. One hit out of air, another thru flak, then hit. One falls to earth, explodes. Rubble & men & women digging thru. 11:13:03 Title: Roosevelt Defeats Dewey - Wins 4th Term. Parades, ticker-tape in rain.

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