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Philippines Campaign (1944)

Reel Number: 221145-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Dutch East Indies,Indonesia,New Guinea,Pacific,Philippines,South Africa

Location: boela,buayan,celebes island,ceram island,langoan,leytes beach,mindanao island,samate

TC Begins: 00:36:27

TC Ends: 00:44:16

Duration: 00:07:49

Philippines Campaign (1944) Map of Philippines, Borneo, New Guinea etc. w/ AVs of bomb explosions on cratered fields. B-24 Liberators dropping bombs on Langoan (Celebes Island, Dutch East Indies), Samate (Dutch New Guinea), Boela (Ceram Island), and Buayan (Mindanao Island), 17-25Sep44. Explosions seen from air. GOOD. 00:37:43 US troops loading bombers painted w/ nose art, teeth etc. Bombers in flight, fighters accompanying. Low level view from aircraft during aerial bombardment / bombing run from Middleburg Island to Buayan. Supplies parachuted to Filippino guerrillas from C-47 transports. 00:39:48 US invasion fleet shelling Leyte’s beach. Gen. MacArthur & Adm. Mitscher observe shelling. Infantry climbing fron transports to landing craft & moving across bay to shore. CUs troops. VS troops leaving landing craft & onto beach wearing packs. Good splash as door drops & troops run past camera. Some digging in, others into jungle. Wounded carried on stretcher. 00:43:10 Gen. MacArthur & aides in landing craft, walk thu jungle; bombed village huts. WWII; Pacific War.

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