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Surrender In The Pacific Reel 1

Reel Number: 220836-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Japan

Location: Atsugi Airfield,Hiroshima,Missouri,Nagasaki,Tokyo,USS,Yokohama,Yokosuka Naval Base

TC Begins: 04:00:35

TC Ends: 04:10:32

Duration: 00:09:57

Surrender In Pacific Reel 1 Sep45 Allied warships in Tokyo bay. Hoisting American flag in Tokyo with MacArthur. US troops marching down a Japanese road. A bulldozer clears rubble from Tokyo's streets. Japanese civilians read occupation bulletins. Man pulling cart with Singer sewing machine. American planes above Tokyo and Imperial Palace. Japanese bow to Emperor Hirohito. Hirohito and Tojo. Blood of American Sergeant administered to Tojo after suicide attempt. Hiroshima mushroom cloud nuclear blast. Hiroshima aerial before atom bomb and aftermath. Nagasaki aftermath and rubble - aerial. Mitsubishi steel foundry levelled. 15Aug45 Allied fleet in Pacific. 30Aug45 Occupation begins - troops land in Japan from LSIs, raise the US flag, and inspect Japanese war materiel at Yokosuka Naval Base. Battleship Nagato surrenders. Atsugi airfield - Japanese labourers clearing up strip - Gen. MacArthur deplanes from a B-29 and greets Eichelberger. USS Missouri and Japanese surrender. MacArthur speech. Shigemitsu signs. MacArthur signs with five pens. 04:09:42 Map of Asia shows allied zones of occupation. WWII. Pacific War.

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