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Toyo No Gaika / The Victory Song of the Orient R9 of 14

Reel Number: H1532-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942

Country: Japan,Philippines,USA

Location: CORREGIDOR,Pacific,Philippiine Islands

TC Begins: 13:27:22

TC Ends: 13:37:04

Duration: 00:09:42

WWII - 1942, Americans on Corregidor & Japanese Shelling & Bombing Japanese titles over relief map; map showing Manila Bay, Bataan Peninsula & Corregidor. 13:27:43 Corregidor Island. American military ambulance, missing tire. Still of US soldier beside red cross on flag. Another holding sheet w/ Japanese characters; Japanese sign. Very thin US prisoners of war / POWs in camp sweeping, watering dust, cutting hair, medical suppleis on table. medic & troops taking medicine or salt tablets, injured w/ food buckets & eating at field kitchen. Men playing cards, reading, CU newspaper headlines. Hospital area. 13:30:03 Flashback MacArthur & ??. Car leaving Corregidor tunnel, artillery shells & Corregidor central control room before surrender. MCUs Filipinos. US soldiers run to artillery, remove camouflage. Large coastal guns firing various intercut w/ POWs. 13:32:02 Japanese titles. 13:32:14 Tall forest trees, streams & rocks. Japanese artillery firing on Corregidor. Japanese camp in forest & tree top observation post. 13:34:36 Japanese title. Japanese planes bomb Corregidor. Prince Higashikuni at front. General Homma on horseback (good shots). Homma w/ aide looking at maps on table & war. Artillery firing on Corregidor. 13:36:01 Japanese title. Artillery firing & explosions. Japanese veterinarian giving anti malaria injections to cavalry horses. WW2; Fighting; Battles; Philippines;

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