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United Nations - Acheson Makes Peace Plea Before Assembly; Korea - UN Forces Enter Seoul After Inchon Invasion

Reel Number: 250089-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950

Country: Korea,USA


TC Begins: 09:01:50

TC Ends: 09:08:12

Duration: 00:06:22

Title. 09:01:56 United Nations Security Council session before full gallery 09:02:00 CU Warren Austin, picks up rifle & speaks, SOF: “This PPSH-41 from south China or North Korea.” Shots of Jacob Malik, others as weapons are passed around. 09:02:35 Exterior of Lake Success building w/ police & people waiting. 09:02:40 Spectators. Dean Acheson & Warren Austin talking to woman, (MOS). 09:02:50 Vishinsky reading New York Times. 09:03:05 LS of General Assembly Hall & Acheson at podium. 09:03:18 Acheson speaking SOF: “The peace the world wants must be free from fear, the fear of invasion, the fear of subversion, the fear of knock on the door at midnight. The peace the world wants must be free from want, a peace in which neighbors help each other & together build a better life. The peace the world wants must be a moral peace so that the spirit of man may be free, and the barriers between the heart & minds of men may drop away & leave men free to unite in brotherhood. This is the task before us.” 09:04:09 Applause. 09:04:19 Title: Korea: UN Forces Enter Seoul After Inchon Invasion. 09:04:24 Sailor on bridge of ?? Men on shipboards stacking crates of ammunition; explosives issued to soldiers. Man cleaning rifle. Landing craft activity & sailor signaling w/ semaphores / flags. Ship bombarding shore, firing rockets. Marines down nets into landing craft & heading for shore. Fires on shore. Men out of landing craft & hurrying ashore. 09:06:11 Officers talking. Pan ruined buildings on dock, POV from water past heavily damaged buildings. 09:06:28 GIs outside caves, searching. POW w/ hands in air. MacArthur landing & greeted. 09:06:59 Tank burning along road. MacArthur briefed beside road w/ body in ditch. LS fires in hills. Sandbagged pillbox beside road. MacArthur walking across field; tank along road. Explosion very close to soldiers & tank. Tanks moving up road. Korean War Related 1950; Sep50; Speech; Secretary of State; NOTE: PPSH-41 is a Soviet WWII submachine gun.

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