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Vietnam - Air Strikes, Feb-Apr68 R1 Pt. 2 of 2

Reel Number: 221488-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1968

Country: USA,Vietnam


TC Begins: 20:12:48

TC Ends: 20:26:28

Duration: 00:13:40

Vietnam - Air Strikes, Feb-Apr68 R1 Pt. 2 of 2 High pass w/ large bomb dropping on right, view of jungle beneath & ridge. Large explosions. Old bomb craters visible. 20:14:01 Clear leader. 20:14:23 Mountain, tilt down to valleys; ridges w/ rocky outcrops. River in canyon. Large explosion among craters. (20:15:26) bomb release on right of screen. 20:16:28 Clear leader & writing. 20:17:07 Strafing run across river towards village & farms; second pass w/ hits. third pass. Strfing canal alongside river. 20:17:54 Slate: 28Mar68 Pilot Phillips Mission 3-9913 then clear leader. 20:18:35 View past rear of plane above smoke or clouds w/ M-117 (?) dropping away, fins open & drop verticle. Large napalm explosions in jungle. GOOD. 20:19:39 Clear leader & writing. 20:19:54 Low over large river w/ farm land on hillside. Large napalm explosion. Second pass & pull up w/ explosion & fireball. 20:21:31 Small ?? released at low altitude over hilltop; farmland in valley beside river. 20:22:48 Clear leader w/ writing. 20:22:55 Through smoke over ridge & large explosion, then bomb craters visible on hillside & pulling up. 20:23:29 Clear leader & writing. 20:23:39 M-117 descending, turning & falling into largely destroyed jungle. Large napalm explosion. 20:24:19 View past rear of plane, bomb fin on right; M-117 released & dropping, large explosion. 20:25:09 Another pass low over thin forest; large explosion. 20:25:52 View across large valley & low pass over ridge line & exploding fireball. Operations: Cedar Falls, 1967; Jeb Stuart III, 1968; MacArthur, 1967-1969; Pegasus, 1968; Wheeler, 1967. Operations & Projects included: Burlington Trail; ROK; Scotland (Marine ground fighting) Vietnam War; Aerial views;

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