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Vietnam - Air Strikes, Feb-Apr68 R2 Pt. 2 of 2

Reel Number: 221488-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1968

Country: USA,Vietnam


TC Begins: 20:39:40

TC Ends: 20:54:56

Duration: 00:15:16

Vietnam - Air Strikes, Feb-Apr68 R2 Pt. 2 of 2 Heavy green mountainous region; bomb drops from left. Ground rises plane flies level; smoke from explosion on right. Jungle. 20:40:49 Two large bombs drop from right over cut over areas of jungle; trails, roads & stream visible. GOOD. Clear leader. 20:42:02 Over mountain ridge & along down slope w/ clearings & bomb damage visible among largely cut-over forest or jungle. Trails exposed on hillside. Large explosion & percussion shock wave seen. Clear. 20:43:11 Plane tail & two M-117 or Snakeeyes falling away w/ mountains beyond; ridge line & long view of falling M-117 before explosions. GOOD. 20:43:59 Plane tail & M-117 falling onto bomb cratered hillside, into jungle w/ large horizontal explosion. 20:44:50 Plane tail & wide valley w/ falling bomb (?) & large napalm explosion & concussion. Clear 20:46:00 Plane tail & two M-117 falling & exploding in fireballs in partially cleared jungle. Solid jungle in runout & plane climbing steeply. 20:47:00 Plane tail over jungle & low over cleared area among trees w/ logs on ground; into light clouds. 20:48:15 Plane tail over flat jungle leading into mountains & plane climbs over logged area among trees (as previous shot) & into light clouds w/ shell casings or ?? tumbling out & trailing into clouds. Jungle again visible & road seen thru clouds; logged area & nearby buildings. Smoke rising from forest. 20:51:00 Shell casings or ?? trailing into clouds. clear leader w/ writing. 20:51:53 M-117s dropping from each side into jungle & plane does steep bank climb. 20:52:59 Tail of plane dropping to show sharp tree covered mountain ridges; following terrain w/ smoke below & large explosion. 20:54:08 Tail of plane similar to previous shot, smoke on slope, phosphorus smoke from burst & steep banking showing smoke. Vietnam War; Aerial views; Operations: Cedar Falls, 1967; Jeb Stuart III, 1968; MacArthur, 1967-1969; Pegasus, 1968; Wheeler, 1967. Operations & Projects included: Burlington Trail; ROK; Scotland Note: most passes quite low.

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