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Vietnam War - Air Strike missions, SE Asia, 23Sep67 - 24Nov67

Reel Number: 221501-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1967,1968

Country: Canada,USA,Vietnam

Location: SE Asia

TC Begins: 19:27:44

TC Ends: 19:40:08

Duration: 00:12:24

Vietnam War - Air Strike missions, SE Asia, 23Sep67 - 24Nov67 ??Sep67 Aerial over fields, explosions from rockets hitting entrenched gun site in forest along stream; pull up over house & other farms w/ forest beyond. Lower pass w/ rockets, same target, helicopter visible on pull up along mountainside. 3rd pass. White phosphorous explosions. Releasing small ?? Fly over showing smoke & fires seen from rear. 19:32:14 23Sep67 Capt. Boone, A-1E no. 888, 1st Air Commando Squadron. Over river w/ bomb craters; MK 81 bombs exploding w/ concussions visible. 19:34:34 10Dec67 Maj. Ives, A-1G no 883, 1st Air Commando Squadron. Over river, MK-81 explosions w/ concussions. 19:35:50 24Nov67 Pilot: Williams A-1E no. 582, 1st ACSF, Operation MacArthur. Over jungle w/ MK-81 explosions w/ dirt paths & roads. 2nd pass w/ better explosions. Farm field visible, bomb dropping inot jungle & explosion. 3rd pass. 19:38:21 24Nov67 Pilot Lee, A-1E no. 577, Operation MacArthur. Over dense jungle, explosions & smoke clouds, multiple drops w/ bombs visible & good explosions. 1967; 1968; Aerials; Low Level Bombing Runs; Southeast Asia; NOTE: A-1E & A-1G were propeller planes. MK-81 is 250 lb bomb. 14th ACW is 14th Air Commando Wing.

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