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WWI - 1918, 42nd Division: 165th, 167th & 168th Infantry, Officers & Men Daily Life. 08May-03Jun18 Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: H1491-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1918

Country: France,USA

Location: Baccarat,badonviller,Glonville,Indian village,Neuviller,Viefvillers

TC Begins: 03:13:56

TC Ends: 03:21:44

Duration: 00:07:48

WWI - 1918, 42nd Division: 165th, 167th & 168th Infantry, Officers & Men Daily Life. 08May-03Jun18 Pt. 1 of 2 Intertitle: Captain D.L. Smith directing artillery fire over field telephone...at Glonville, 08May. 03:14:05 Talking on telephone mounted on tree trunk. 03:14:19 Intertitle: Major Curtis Reddon receiving & Capt Smith recording a message for artillery fire. 03:14:26 Village in background, troops up road w/ horses. GOOD 03:14:39 Intertitle: Gen. Menoher, Brig. Gen Lenihan, Col MacArthur & staff officers at divisional maneuvers - Baccarat, 09May. 03:14:49 MCU MacArthur gesturing w/ riding crop on rainy day beside stream. 03:15:09 Intertitle: Company E, 167th Infantry, ready for an attack. Neuviller, 10May. 03:15:15 Pan along barbed wire barrier in trees, soldiers w/ rifles in trench. 03:15:37 Company E, 167th Inf, on outpost duty. 03:15:41 Pan sentry in front of large log buildings; w/ other soldiers visible. 03:16:04 Intertitle: 42nd Div. delousing station in operation, Indian Village, 16May. 03:16:11 Soldiers put multiple large metal baskets into steaming pressure containers in woods; others carrying clothes arriving. 03:16:47 Intertitle: Watering horses. 03:16:49 Soldiers w/ horses at wooden watering troughs; man washing clothes nearby. 03:17:14 Intertitle: Members of 168th Inf. planting vegetables...at Badonviller about a mile in rear of battle... 03:17:25 Hoeing, raking & planting. 03:17:47 Intertitle: Intelligence patrol, 3rd Battalion, 168th Inf, in camouflaged suits. 03:17:54 Standing in field w/ rifles - odd looking canvas covering each, moving up, thru trenches. 03:18:24 Intertitle: They crawl out into No Man’s Land to get information. 03:18:29 Thru rocky trench & shallow craters. 03:19:21 Intertitle: Esquadrille of French officers, French pilots & American observers, some from 42nd Div. Viefvillers, 25May. 03:19:33 Group in various uniforms pose beside plane w/ US flag. 03:19:58 Intertitle: Letord bimotor triplane used for observation & photographic purposes... 03:20:07 Pan two wing plane in grass, crewman by propellor & gunner in front compartment. 03:20:27 Intertitle: Salmson plane - used by French for observation & photographic purposes. 03:20:34 Ground crewman turns prop of single-engine biplane. 03:20:49 Two Lewis machine guns mounted on a Salmson plane. 03:20:54 MCU Gunner moving guns in turret. 03:21:13 Intertitle: Funeral procession of soldiers killed 27May - passing thru Baccarat to cemetery 03:21:23 Coffins draped w/ USA flags on trucks thru town saluted. GOOD. Continued.... WW1 Fighting; Daily Military Life; France; Aviation; Aircraft; NOTE: Both parts / cards combined for price at single reel rate if requested.

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