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WWI - 1918, 42nd Division: 165th, 167th & 168th Infantry, Officers & Men Daily Life. 08May-03Jun18 Pt. 2 of 2

Reel Number: H1491-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1918

Country: France,USA

Location: Baccarat,Neuf Maison,Polo,Saint

TC Begins: 03:21:44

TC Ends: 03:28:16

Duration: 00:06:32

WWI - 1918, 42nd Division: 165th, 167th & 168th Infantry, Officers & Men Daily Life. 08May-03Jun18 Pt. 2 of 2 Continued... Intertitle: Memorial Day services...Baccarat cemetery. Major General Menoher, Col. MacArthur & Gen. Dupont & Gen. Penet of French Army decorating graves of American soldiers. 03:22:01 VIPs to graves, military & civilians watch. GOOD. 03:22:43 Intertitle: Little French girl placing bouquet...on grave of American soldier. 03:22:56 MCU w/ flowers, placing background crowd watching. 03:23:05 Intertitle: Firing the salute. 03:23:07 Salute fired by line of soldiers. 03:23:09 Intertitle: Miss Hart of YMCA Theatrical Corps dancing Highland Fling...Memorial Day at Baccarat. 03:23:20 Dancing in boxing ring to violin. 03:23:39 Intertitle: Men of 151st Field Artillery pitching quoits...headquarters at Neuf Maison, 01Jun. 03:23:48 Pitching horseshoes as other soldiers watch. 03:24:06 Intertitle: Preparing to send messages...by Carrier Pigeon...167th Inf. trenches, Saint-Polo, 13May 03:24:16 Pigeon taken out of small wicker basket, released over trench wall. GOOD. 03:25:01 Intertitle: Inspection of Company B, 165th Inf. before leaving for front. 03:25:07 Men in front of pup tents. 03:25:15 Intertitle: Capt. K.C. Siebert, Lt. R. Doris & Lt. F.W. Carter inspecting dugouts...Chasseurs, 03Jun 03:25:32 On path, pan to deep stone lined dugouts. 03:26:02 Intertitle: Machine guns firing on a German town 2,800 metres away. 03:26:07 Pan in tall trees on hillside to soldiers firing & reloading machine guns at emplacement. 03:26:53 Intertitle: Issuing clothing to men of Machine Gun Co., 165th Infantry. 03:27:01 Handing out clothes & shoes to line of soldiers. 03:27:15 Intertitle: Headquarters Company 165th Infantry, receiving pay in front line dugout. 03:27:22 Men around table, sign for money. 03:27:40 Intertitle: ...165th Infantry operating a Stokes mortar. This firing destroyed a German observation... 03:27:50 Soldiers in trench behind barbed wire fire mortar, reload & fire several times. WW1 Fighting; Daily Military Life; France; Aviation; Aircraft; NOTE: Both parts / cards combined for price at single reel rate if requested.

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