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WWII - 1944, Blast Berlin By Daylight; Prisoners of War in U.S; Nazi Rubber Captured; Women in the News; Task Force Routs Japs

Reel Number: 250019-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Australia,Brazil,England,Germany,Northern Mariana Islands,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Berlin,Caribbean,Marianas,Michigan,Pacific,Saipan,Tinian

TC Begins: 13:01:08

TC Ends: 13:06:31

Duration: 00:05:23

WWII - 1944, Blast Berlin By Daylight; Prisoners of War in U.S; Nazi Rubber Captured; Women in the News; Task Force Routs Japs 13:01:12 USAAF Aircraft in flight formation - brief interiors plane. Air to air bombs dropping on Berlin - smoke rising. Aircraft returning to base w/ motor stopped. Flares released to indicate wounded on board. Bomber landing. Wounded man transferred by stretcher from plane to ambulance. Plane w/ Nose Art of American Flag - called flag ship and narrator says it’s the first American flag to fly over Berlin. Bomber crews posing in front of planes - some sitting on wing of plane: I’ll Be Around”. 13:02:18 MCU SOF Captain of lead plane interviewed re first raid on Berlin. Other flight crew speak. Asked “How would you like to go over again” and everyone cheers. 13:02:51 Title: Prisoners of War in U.S. 13:02:55 German POWs in Michigan digging rock, snow & logging, clearing land easing labor shortage. 13:03:12 POWs make shoes - cobblers. Prisoners eating in canteen, prisoners relax - play table tennis / ping pong & checkers / draughts. “This is imprisonment in humane America.” 13:03:36 Title: Nazi Rubber Captured 13:03:40 Brazilian fisherman recover crude rubber blocks from sunken German blockade runners. Fishing boats at sea. Fishermen roll crude rubber onto beach. Rubber loaded onto trucks. 13:04:09 Title: Women in the News 13:04:13 US B-24 transport aircraft landing, Eleanor Roosevelt off plane & greeted. Mrs R. & General Shed watch military band march past. Review military parade. 13:04:40 Launch ceremony of new Australian destroyer Bataan by Mrs Douglas MacArthur w. other VIPs. Men with sledgehammers, MCU. Mrs. M at microphone SOF christens ship & it slips down ways. 13:05:13 Task Force Routs Japs. 13:05:18 US naval ship / aircraft carrier off Pacific islands. Japanese planes attack. Ship firing guns. Japanese plane crashes into sea. Tracer bullets - flak. Ship firing - aircraft crashes into water. WW2; Navy Fighting; Good sound. NOTE: If requested will provide 13:01:08 - 13:11:12 at per reel rate.

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