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WWII - 1944, Leyte, Philippine Islands: Misc. Scenes, ca 21Oct44

Reel Number: H1361-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Japan,Philippines,USA

Location: Leyte,Philippine islands

TC Begins: 11:48:42

TC Ends: 11:57:10

Duration: 00:08:28

WWII - 1944, Leyte, Philippine Islands: ca 21Oct44 Men stacking crates at supply depot under palm trees using conveyor. 11:49:11 Carrying crates ashore from landing craft. Landing craft w/ troops approaching shore. 11:49:39 Soldiers walking thru village. CU sign: Estacion Leytranco Palo. Jeeps & people walking behind. Filipinos w/ kids & bags past soldiers. 11:50:05 Filipinos come down steps of house & greet two GIs, shaking hands. 11:50:22 LS of assembled troops in front of Provincial Capitol Building of Leyte - large w/ multiple columns. MCU General Douglas MacArthur at mic (MOS) talking w/ Filipino military, pins medal on shirt. 11:50:49 MacArthur into jeep w/ Osmena. 11:50:55 LVT pulled thru mud; jeep follows. High angle of ship or barge deck w/ trucks & jeeps; tilt up to anchored barges & landing craft. 11:51:40 Men down walkways of LCI 979 & wade to shore. LS & MS. GOOD. 11:52:08 LS pan over jungle & fields from hilltop. 11:52:29 Explosion of hillside across valley, smoke rising. Plane over bombing - explosion NOT seen. 11:52:53 LVT w/ troops parked in jungle; troops moving forward past guns & bulldozers in mud. 11:53:20 Wounded carried past on stretcher; Marines marching along road w/ civilians past downed tree. Filipinos talk to GIs from window; Soldiers walk in mud as LVTs in opposite direction. Filipinos walking. 11:54:10 Slate: K-2 Operation. Camera: Goldstein. 21??44 (21Oct44). 11:54:12 Troops marching along road past Filipinos. Filipino military w/ rifles running past houses. 11:54:39 Fighter plane shot down & crashes behind palm trees into bay. Good. 11:54:46 Body lying in doorway, soldiers w/ rifles ready into house. 11:54:58 Man on water buffalo pulling sledge w/ others carrying goods on heads. 11:55:08 Soldiers w/ rifles ready into house; man on water buffalo & others past huts along road. 11:55:56 Soldiers & civilians under large camouflage netting. 11:56:14 Filipino & US officers talking beside plane. 3 star general & ?? flyer w/ cigarette CUs. WW2; Fighting; Pacific Islands Daily Life; Natives; Native Soldiers;

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