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WWII - 1944, MaArthur Returns; Red Cross Parcels; Uruguay Military Academy; Harvard Calculator; Battle For Peleliu; Gothic Line; Brest Surrender

Reel Number: 250048-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France,Palau,Philippines,Uruguay,USA

Location: Brest,PELELIU,Philippine islands

TC Begins: 23:17:43

TC Ends: 23:27:48

Duration: 00:10:05

WWII - 1944, MaArthur Returns; Red Cross Parcels; Uruguay Military Academy; Harvard Calculator; Battle For Peleliu; Gothic Line; Brest Surrender Titles. 23:18:07 Intertitle: MacArthur Returns To The Philippines. Montage, GSAP rockets firing down on Japanese ships, ship explodes & burns. Strafing inland; Jap zeros hit. Jap airfields strafed & bombed. 23:19:34 Map of Philippines & Leyte. Fleet at sea underway, CU Admiral Halsey at map. Wainwright & men on death march. 23:20:00 General MacArthur & other officers walking up hillside, briefed. 23:20:15 Intertitle: Red Cross Parcels For War Prisoners. Ext. large building w/ Red Cross signs, interior workers packing boxes for Allied Prisoners of War / PoWs. CU canned & boxed packages of goods. Boxes filled on conveyor rollers. Rolling off conveyor & onto trucks. 23:21:27 Intertitle: Uruguay Military Academy Marks 59th Anniversary. Ext. Montevideo, Uruguay Military Academy, CU sign. President Juan Jose de Amezaga arrives for ceremony; Academy director, Col Toscano at microphone, Defense Minister Kampos / Campos, Army Inspector General Laguardia / La Guardia. Cadet given sword & handshake. Marching in formal uniforms in review. 23:22:51 Intertitle: Giant Calculator Solves Problems in Mathematics. Sailors looking at mechanical calculator at Harvard University; doing paperwork; turning switches; loading wide perforated punch tape /film. Running w/ woman watching automatic printer. 23:23:39 Intertitle: Battle For Peleliu Island In Final Stages. Fighting on jungle hillside, smoke, tanks, machine guns & rifleman. Japanese on ridge throws long grenade, then killed. Marines firing into caves, dropping dynamite & grenades. Explosions. Troops saluting raising of Marine flag on Peleliu. 23:25:01 Intertitle: Allied Armies Break Gothic Line In Italy. LS of road along mountain slope; MS truck convoy w/ ambulance past. Firing mortars, tanks firing, explosions. Soldier inspects German fixed defense position / pillbox, long tank traps. Infantry walking along road. GOOD sequence. 23:26:10 Intertitle: Allies Capture Great French Port of Brest. 18Sep44 Aerial over smoking port. Ground shots of surrender flags & US flag raised. Nazi officers surrender to General Walter Robertson of 2nd Infantry Div. MCUs. German General Ramcke w/ dog, CU. POWs marched off past ruins, along dusty road. Aerials over heavily damaged submarine pens & destroyed buildings.\ 23:27:40 The End. Military Newsreel; 1944; WW2 Pacific; NOTE: Computer was Harvard-IBM Mark I, designed as a relay-based large programmable-controlled calculating machine. Grace Hopper became its programmer

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