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WWII - 1944, Philippines: Bombing of Islands; Landing coverage on Luzon. Sep-Oct44

Reel Number: H1317-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Indonesia,Philippines,South Africa,USA

Location: bataan,boela,Luzon,samate

TC Begins: 10:53:56

TC Ends: 11:01:50

Duration: 00:07:54

WWII - 1944, Philippines: Bombing of Islands; Landing coverage on Luzon. Sep-Oct44 Map of 17Sep44 w/ Borneo, Philippines, New Guinea etc. w/ arrow to Langoan. 10:54:04 Aerial w/ bombs exploding & many craters. 10:54:25 Map w/ arrow to Samate, 18Sep44. Bombs dropping, coast & exploding w/ many craters. 10:54:41 Map w/ arrow to Boela 25Sep44 Bombs falling, explosions & heavily pocked landscape. Flak over coastline. 10:55:03 Map w/ arrow to Bataan from New Ginuea. Silhouetted men servicing twin-engine bomber, men climb into plane, POV taking off, in flight w/ P-38s. Over coast, burning ship. POV low bombing & strafing run w/ parachutes dropped. Various shots low over river & trees. parachutes dropped over village & over jungle. 10:57:10 Column of smoke from coast. 10:57:17 Ships, smoke & firing. MacArthur on bridge of ship watching. Barrage to shore from several ships; MacArthur & ?? on ship bridge watching. 10:58:26 Marines over side of ship into landing craft; landing craft towards shore w/ ships in BG firing, seen from landing craft. Beach from landing craft, troops out & wade ashore; door drops & troops run off. Beach seen thru palm trees w/ men ashore. MCU digging foxholes; advancing thru jungle. 11:00:15 Pinned down on beach. Soldiers carry wounded on litter. Marines moving up. LCV ashore. MacArthur heading to shore; on shore. bulldozer & landing craft on beach. 11:01:08 MacArthur & officers w/ Osmena walking into jungle; past artillery. GIs digging foxholes; destroyed village huts. Digging in. WW2; Philippine Islands;

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