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WWII - 1944, President Roosevelt: Hawaii Conferring w/ Nimitz, MacArthur & Leahy. 29Jul44

Reel Number: H1328-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: United Kingdom,USA

Location: Coconut Island,Hawaii,HoLmes Estate,Oahu,Pacific,Waikaiki,Waikiki

TC Begins: 12:44:23

TC Ends: 12:51:53

Duration: 00:07:30

WWII - 1944, President Roosevelt: Hawaii Conferring w/ Nimitz, MacArthur & Leahy. 29 FDR sitting w/ Admiral Leahy, Nimitz standing w/ pointer. MCU General MacArthur talking & FDR listening pan to Leahy looking up & Nimitz standing w/ pointer, gives to MacArthur. Others looking. 12:45:37 MS McArthur at map. Goes & sits down, all talking / looking. 12:46:21 ECU Roosevelt. ECU Nimitz. ECU McArthur. ECU Leahy. (brief) 12:47:03 Two parked Cadillac staff cars w/ 4-star license plates. CU USN 4-star license plate. CU 4-star plate. 12:47:44 MS Group seated, Admiral Nimitz pointing to Japan on large wall map. MacArthur up & takes pointer, points at map, Nimitz at map. Rear view of FDR talking to McArthur & looking at map. MacArthur up & to map w/ pointer. MCU FDR & Macarthur; MCU Nimitz & Leahy. MS FDR; MS MacArthur. 12:49:41 LS motorcycle escort of President’s car up winding hillside road towards & past. Jeeps & motorcade following on Pali Pass to overlook & stopping. Leaving, 12:51:19 POV descending past saluting soldiers lining both sides of road. WW2 Planning; Homefront; Christian Holmes Estate, Waikaiki; Hawaiian Islands; Pacific War; NOTE: Good quality & coverage shot between 4:45pm & 6:45pm. FDR also held Press Conference PC #962 per trip diary.

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