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WWII - 1944, USA Government Documentary: Second Battle of The Philippines R1 of 2

Reel Number: 250162-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1940s

Country: Philippines,USA

Location: Honolulu,Leyte,Manila,Pacific,Philippine islands

TC Begins: 13:08:58

TC Ends: 13:19:07

Duration: 00:10:09

Titles. R1 of 2 13:09:49 20:07:04 Pearl Harbor shots (day); ext. Washington DC Navy Department (night). Staged: Admiral enters Sec. of Navy Forrestal office, hands telegram. CU “24Oct The Enemy Forces Were Brought To Action.” 13:10:26 20:07:41 Montage: fleet w/ two aircraft carriers seen. Adm. Nimitz w/ binoculars; airmen briefed, pilots on deck to planes. POV rearward during carrier takeoff; planes in aerial formation, strafing ship. Maps intercut w/ strafing Pacific island targets; ship explosion. 13:11:24 20:08:32 Aerials bombers in flight; 3rd & 7th fleets underway, anchored. 13:11:54 20:09:13 GI reading in bunk; relaxing on deck. Shipboard, President Roosevelt w/ MacArthur & Kincaid briefed by Nimitz; maps w/ highlights, ends on Leyte. 13:12:33 20:09:54 Battleship guns firing, rocket bombardment; 6th Army landing; MacArthur wading ashore. Shipboard officers & sailors w/ binoculars watching; pilots talk by planes; daybreak & signal flashing w/ ship in foreground silhouetted, CU signaling lamp; Japanese signal flags & rising sun flag on ship; Japanese fleet underway; Japanese fighter planes taking off from land. Jap pilots at attention, sailors on deck of submarine briefed. Banzai cheers. 13:14:05 20:11:30 US soldiers move across field, past destroyed village & jungle; stacks of supplies on beach & small craft to / from beach. 13:14:24 20:11:53 Japanese officers; silhouetted pincer over Japanese map w/ stereotype accent narrating. 13:14:49 20:12:15 US Sub periscope thru water; breaching; man on deck w /binoculars; sub thru water; officer at periscope; firing torpedos & sinking ship; observation plane overhead; flight deck man flag carrier planes taking off; in flight; strafing ships. Destroyers underway; torpedo launching, night explosions, tracers. 13:16:25 20:13:57 CU marking map for attack & defense of Leyte & straits. Battleships underway; men moving large shells onto elevator; navigators; firing large battleship guns at night. 13:18:21 20:15:57 Daylight & sinking, smoking ships. Map w/ pincer half destroyed. Japanese ships underway. WW2; Naval Battles; Second Battle of the Philippines; 1944; Oct44; Nov44; Pacific; Sea Battles; NOTE: Any continuous ten minutes of two cards sold at per reel rate.

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