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WWII - 1944, USA Government Documentary: War Speeds Up, The

Reel Number: 221043-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944,1940s

Country: Germany,Guam,Northern Mariana Islands,Solomon Islands,USA

Location: Europe,Guam,Lo,Pacific,Rendova,Saipan,St

TC Begins: 18:02:11

TC Ends: 18:18:26

Duration: 00:16:15

WWII - 1940s, USA: Battles & Need On Homefront To Resupply The Troops Promotional title: For America... Build Your Future Wisely...Safely... Buy U.S. Savings Bonds. 18:02:20 Titles. 18:02:30 Fighter plane down in flames, crashes in sea. Montage barrage & explosions of heavy guns; mortars fired; machine gun firing from window; riflemen. 18:03:05 Montage of bombing explosions & from tank & artillery fire, rocket launchers, machine gunner at window - aerial bombardment, targets exploding in fire all. 18:03:22 Montage of progress w/ narration re American / Allied victories: moving artillery, tanks, battleships, cameraman running, Pacific beach landings, battleships, paratroops drop from planes, US flags fly in liberated territories (GOOD); captured German soldiers. Wounded soldier; headlines of Hitler assassination attempt; Tojo fired. 18:04:23 US aircraft carriers activities; Saipan & Guam landings, beach activity. 18:05:13 LS Damaged Italian town on hillside; troops advance across field, up road. Aerial over fields w/ tanks parked near hedgerows, moving along road. 18:05:51 105mm, 155mm, 240mm guns, 155mm gun towed on road, thru deep mud; set up, aimed & fired from under camouflage, periscopes, men into bunker, empty shell cases gathered & piled up. GOOD. 18:06:56 Heavy bombs loaded into truck, pulled on cart by truck to be loaded onto bombers. 18:07:17 Montage: air to air w/ bombs dropped on targets, explosions (GOOD). 18:07:40 Bulldozer clearing rubble. GIs on trucks moving thru damaged villages. Large tires on various equipment. Bombers take off. 18:08:30 Names of cities & islands taken from enemy flash onto black screen. 18:08:48 Aerial: submarines, bombers in flight, line of tanks parked in field. Pan supply yard & waiting vehicles. Aerials of stockpiled vehicles. 18:09:30 Tank production, armament factory at work. 18:09:51 Tanks moving, firing, burning tanks. 18:10:18 Montage: Chester Nimitz; General Bradley; Patton; Montgomery; Stilwell; Eisenhower / Ike smoking. Intertitle re needing shells; General Spatz, intertitle: I don’t have enough of the right type & right sizes of bombs. It is unthinkable that our air offensive should be hampered at this time”; Mark Clark: “We must scrap 3500 trucks immediately...”; MacArthur re need for tents etc. German soldiers marching; Hitler, Himmler, Goering etc. Street fighting; Pacific War gory scenes w/ bullets tearing body apart. 18:12:37 England: buzz bomb & destroyed homes & church. Blitz rescue effort, wounded. GI casualties on stretchers; burying bodies on Rendova; bodies under sheets in France; Saipan GIs under US flags about to be buried at sea - dead GIs on beaches. 18:14:25 CUs Troops resting, going home; pan along sad looking GIs still fighting. 18:15:05 Beach & fields w/ wrecked tanks, landing craft, DUKWs, trucks etc. USAF plane wreckage. GOOD 18:15:48 US soldiers cut off outside St. Lo, France fighting. Advance w/ tanks thru bushes, infantry running, troops thru streets, Germans surrender. Dead major’s body laid out on pile of rubble next to ruined church. Good tracking shot of GI advancing thru town & marshy woodland w/ bayonet rifle & camouflage makeup staged?. GOOD. 18:18:06 End titles. WW2 Propaganda; War Production Incentive; Fighting; Battles; WW2; Sacrifice; Damage; NOTE: A montage film comprised of many brief shots.

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